ThreadTWD: Wherefore Art Thou, Carol?


The first 3/4ths of this episode kinda followed the same pattern that basically every other episode this season has followed. People are couple-y, Carol’s a badass, people leave the group, the people who leave regret leaving the group, aaand repeat.


Ahem…we sadly do not have the answers, but we do have a recap of the #ThreadTWD experience from this week. Check it out below!

And join us on Twitter next week for #ThreadTWD where, for the double-long episode, we’ll be giving away three times the prizes! So six instead of two. Just btw.

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“Breaaad!” by Philip Tseng

Let’s start with the most important observation of the night: things Dwight looks like:

“Zombie Romance” by Yannick Bouchard

The relationship (fear) game was strong in this episode. People are happy, people are all coupled up and snuggly and have a big and little spoon to keep them warm at night…which means shit’s gotta get bad, right?

I mean, it’s a classic horror trope: the ‘ol don’t-have-sex-or-you’ll-die thing. Just ask the gym teacher from Mean Girls:threadtwd_sexgif



Then, Carol may have left the group, but her badassery is anything but gone.

Not to mention, she starts driving a super Mad Max-y car…she does kinda look like Furiosa, when you think about it.



“The Horde” by Aled Lewis

Oh man…y’know the whole “If Daryl Dies We Riot” thing? It’s starting…maybe. Hopefully a riot won’t be necessary: 75% because we love Daryl, 25% because if he dies? That car up there is AMC, and the zombie horde = angry fans.

GUH, WE DON’T KNOW EITHER YOU GUYS. OUR EMOTIONS ARE IN CAPS LOCK RIGHT NOW. All we can do now is keep calm and look at some of the awesome selfies from the night:  threadtwd_selfies


“Braaains!” by Ray Frenden

Aaaaaand winner winners, brains for dinners. Tweet of the night:

Zombtee selfie of the night:

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