Use the Fourth: Celebrate Love & Diversity

Diversity makes everything better. After all, what would art be without diversity in creativity? What would knowledge be without diversity of ideas? What would the world be without a diversity of backgrounds? We think diversity makes the world go ’round. That’s why this year for the Fourth of July, we want to highlight a few designs that we think celebrate what truly makes this country beautiful, and we don’t mean just her spacious skies or amber waves of grain. Peep a few designs below that celebrate love and diversity!

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Diversity Makes Us Great

April Marie Mai

Everyone Poops

Chris Lee Jones

Peace and Love

Budi Satria Kwan

Many Nations Under Dog

Adam Rajcevich

Peace and Hate. Can You Tell the Difference?

Allan Faustino


It Must Bee a Sign

Fist Bump for Liberty

Michael Bancroft

Hate is Learned

Katie Campbell

Freedom is Fabulous

Tom Burns

No Limits

John Tibbott

Army of Hugs

Santiago Sarquis

A Link to the Past

Mike Mitchell

Law & Disorder

Cody Weiler

Make Love Not War

Paul Burgess


Vó Maria
No Hard Feelings


Stay Cool

Jaco Haasbroek


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