Valentine’s Day Haikus!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This looks like it should be
A haiku…but it’s not.

We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day here at Threadless HQ and we want to spread the love!

After you read the ones we have below, go look at every Threadless design ever and share your own haiku in the comments below by Monday, February 8th. (Don’t forget to put the image in there too!) The winning haiku-ist will win sweetheart gift codes for themselves and to share with their boo (or a “friend”)!

And if you need to brainstorm some almost-last-minute gift ideas, we gotcha covered there too.

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“NES Cartridge Love” by Gintron

I love you as much
As Nutella and movies.
NES and chill?

“I’ll Never Let Go” by Lim Heng Swee

Just like two legos,
We go together so well…
Just don’t step on me.


If roses are red,
Why are violets named that
If they look blue tho?

“Dino Hug” by Lim Heng Swee

You think T-Rexes
Ever tried to hug?
– A short tragedy.

“Pizzas Are Forever” by Seth Bensusen

Forget red and blue,
Pizza’s the color of love,
And chocolate too.

“Moon Hug” by R. Gegan Noviara

Hello, I love you
I say to the vast cosmos…
I am so alone.

Featured image is “I Love You This Much!” by Jonathan Dockery

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