Valentine’s Day Gifts For Everyone From Your Baefriend to Your Bestfriend

“Valentine’s Day”, “Single’s Awareness Day”, “Tuesday” – whatever you choose to call it, that faithful day of February 14th has a way of sneaking up on us. Luckily, the holiday of lurve isn’t quite as involved as the big December holidays. It truly is the thought that counts, and sometimes a card + flowers + dinner or a bottle of bubbly will suffice.

But if it’s the thought that counts, then it never hurts to show you were thinking about them by getting something you know they’ll like. Here are a few cute gift ideas for every relationship in your life, from the lovebirds, to the besties, to the creative collaborators!

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For a NEW ‘someone special’

Dolman:Feed Me and Tell me I’m Pretty” by Tobias Teixeira da Fonseca | Phone case: Double Thumbs” by Luis Diaz | Travel Mug: You Are My Universe” by Lim Heng Swee | Tote: Seal of Approval” by Jaco Haasbroek

Well look atchu, you’re with someone new for Valentine’s Day! You’re in that weird limbo where it’s too early to go all out with fancy gifts or getaways, but you also can’t get nothing. Keep it simple! Get them something practical but cute, like a clever phone case or tote bag that has a reference they like. Or just something with a design on it that lets them know, “hey…I kinda super like you.”

For your BFF

Baseball triblend: I Like Me.” by Mark Thornton Hardin | Triblend tee: Stay Cool” by Jaco Haasbroek | Blanket: Dino Hug” by Lim Heng Swee | Phone Case: AWESOMENESS” by James Gruber | Tote: Lonely Traveller” by Lim Heng Swee | Patch: Not Today Satan” by Kelly Larson

Maybe you two are celebrating “single’s awareness day” together and wanna “Stay Cool” about it. Maybe you’ve vowed to be each other’s BaeFFs on Valentine’s Day forever, even if you each have significant others. Whatever the case, Valentine’s Day is about more than romantic love – it’s about showing someone you care and think they’re awesome! Get them a phone case that shows the world their “Awesomeness“, or a fleece blanket that serves as a perpetual hug from you, even when you’re not there.

For when you don’t know how to say it

Print: Brewmance” by David Olenick | Tapestry: I Lava You” by ilovedoodle | Tee: Bob’s BurgersErotic Friend Fiction Book Club” by JBaz | Blanket: Amourosaurus” by David Olenick | Tote: Love Cats” by Arkady | Phone cases: Hello” by Haasbroek and “Cookie Loves Milk” by Jess Fink

Wanna drop the four letter L-word but you’re not sure if they feel the same? It’s hard to say, I know…so give them a design that says it for you! Say it sweetly and punderfully with “I Lava You“, or a “Hello” phone case that lets them know what they’ve been looking for has been right in front of them all along (and wants to call them all the time).

Orrr say it with designs that could totally be taken as something else juuust in case they don’t feel the same way. “A heart?! NO, no way, that’s just cats Haha! ha…” or “pfft no, that design is clearly drunk! It doesn’t know what it’s saying, pay no attention…” #NailedIt

For your creative partner in crime

Notebook: Creative Process” by Koivo | Zip pouches: Om Nom Nom!” and “Painting the Universe” by Philipp Rietz | Pin: I’ll Never Let Go ” by Lim Heng Swee | Mug: Hold on to Your Butts” by Mitch Ansara & Stef McFeters | Tote: Be Creative” by Philip Tseng

Your creative collaborator is sort of like your work spouse. You share all of your creative thoughts and ideas together, spend a lot of time together making cool stuff, share design credit, etc. Get your creative collaborator something they’ll love, like a notebook (because you know how quickly you both go through those), a zip pouch hungry to hold all of their art supplies, or a cool mug for all those late nights spent chugging coffee in the studio while finishing a project.

For your love who loves to travel

Phone case: Reconnect“” by NDTank and Rick Crane | Zip pouch: NTNL PRKS” by Ross Zietz | Weekender bag: Forest Pattern” by Katie Lukes | Travel mug: Let’s Go” by Rick Crane

Does your boo love to travel? Get them a trip to pack for, and some travel items to go along with it to feed their wanderlusty soul! A weekender bag and zip pouch are perfect to use for a short vaca, a phone case to protect against inevitable phone-dropping, and a travel mug to keep them hydrated for, well, their travels! Happy hiking!

When you’re mad but don’t want to be THAT person who’s mad on Valentine’s Day so you get super passive aggressive about it…

Tapestry: Maths” by Sarinya Withaya-areekul | Sweatshirt: The Sound of Silence” by John Tibbott | Phone case: Same Old Shirt” by Vo Maria | Tote: NOPE.” by Carl Mitsch | Mug: Nope” by Ivan Rodero

You know you’re pissed off. You know you’ve gotta talk about it. And you know that’s the best thing to do…but instead you push down your feelings and they come out in super passive aggressive gifts. Hey, I never said it’s the best way of handling the situation (because it’s so not, I promise you, dear reader). But saying it (er, not saying it) with the “Sound of Silence” or just by giving them math will definitely help you be passively aggressive.

For when you forgot about Valentine’s Day and maybe end up ordering a gift super late…

Phone case: Taco Eclipse of the Heart” by David Olenick | Patch: SHIT” by maurogatti | Tee: C’est La Vie” by Ross Bruggink

Oh man, friend. I’m not gonna say this is bad…but I will say it’s def gonna be a no good very bad date. Try getting them some self-aware designs…or maybe just get them to make yourself feel a lil’ better. Best of luck.

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