We DARE You Not to Read This Sarcastically…

Sarcasm, UGH. Our LEAST favorite thing in the world. We DEFINITELY don’t use it all the time every day. And we DEFINITELY aren’t obsessed with the winning design of our Typography design challenge. *Turns sarcasm switch off* But really, sarcasm is awesome and we can’t get enough of the type of type Mathiole created for his amazing design “Sarcasm Sucks“! While Mathiole usually creates awesome fictional travel posters, when he works with typography he owns it. And now he’s created a design to help you tell people how you really feel… er, that tells people how you DON’T actually feel… #sarcasm. Scroll on down to see how the winning design of our Typography challenge came together, for more of this rad artist’s work, and, of course, for some all-in-good-fun snark.

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Hello again! Can you SARCASTICALLY tell me what you’ve been up to lately?

Everything is super boring and organized as ever, I feel like trash and I don’t know why I care to reply to this stupid interview. ;)

Sarcasm Sucks“, the selected design of our Typography design challenge!

Perfection. You don’t often do typography-based designs, but when you do they’re amazing! Is typography a style you enjoy dabbling in?

I love lettering and typography overall, I just don’t have the time or focus to do more, to learn more, but ever since college typography was one of my favorite subjects in design!

WIP sketch for “Sarcasm Sucks“!

Tell me about creating this design! Where did the idea come from?

Oh, this idea is super old; I was just waiting for the right moment to do it. I had it written on my sketchbook for ages. My goal was to make an ode to sarcasm lovers, WITH sarcasm. The process was pretty straightforward, I sketched on paper then vectorized on illustrator

This design – and many of your works – contains a retro element to it. What era of retro art is your favorite/do you find most inspiring?

I’m not sure exactly why, but I just love everything that’s from the past; everything that’s retro, old, vintage, grabs my attention. It’s hard to point out just one thing. I like the golden age of comic books, ’70s ads, WW propaganda, fashion art deco posters, this list could go forever haha

“Sarcasm Sucks” on just a few awesome products! Top row: men’s extra soft tee, framed fine art print, and spiral notebook. | Bottom row: black mug, bath mat, and women’s super soft zip-up hoody

What kind of typography are you most inspired by?

I like handwritten, manual, crafted kind of type, like Jon Contino, Jason Carne…

Wide Open” by Mathiole.

One of my favorite blog posts is this one about your early drawings. What do you think is one of the most valuable things you’ve learned about creating art between childhood and now?

Don’t compare yourself too much with other artists. Everyone has their one path, so don’t rush out. Do your thing in your time, in your way.

Visit Mordor“, one of Mathiole’s biggest design.

What keeps you creatively fueled?

I guess everything? Anything that I’m experiencing is something worth being inspired by! For example, I was on a Eurotrip a couple weeks ago and I came back feeling as inspired as ever. Being passionate about what I do makes my mind always aware of things that could be a source of inspiration.

Not My Type

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m glad this interview is over.

See more of the winning design! 

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