Wear These Ugly Sweater Inspired Designs and Outshine all the Thrift Store Finds at the Holiday Party

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What does every memorable holiday party have in common? If you’re thinking terrible music, bland food, and strange interactions with coworkers and distant relatives, you wouldn’t be wrong. What about twinkling strands of lights, tinsel that gets stuck to everything, and hideously ugly, terribly itchy, holiday sweaters? Check all three off the list. 

Holiday parties come in all shapes and sizes. It could be office mandated (forced fun with coworkers I already see more often than my family, what could be better?). Maybe it’s hosted by that delightful (but super uptight) couple down the hall. Holiday Scrooge vibes aside, you may be invited to a super festive holiday party you can’t wait to attend. Whatever your holiday party plans, you’re bound to have more fun wearing something that truly shares how you feel about the holidays and is actually comfortable. Get these holiday inspired, ugly sweater-esque designs on your favorite sweatshirt or comfy regular t-shirt, and put your own spin on the classic ugly holiday sweater attire. 

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Design by Steve
Just Right” design by Steve

Santa is a tough critic. The jolly guy eats millions of cookies every December—he’s probably got a fairly discerning palate. This Saint Nick-inspired sweater design delivers on flavor for foodies and gourmands. Wear it to a holiday dinner party and let the host know, you’ve got high standards. 

Pawing at the Presents

Design by Marco Pedrazzoli
Meowy Catmas” design by Marco Pedrazzoli

Much like most other days of the year, cat people are just in it for the cats. This design highlights the best part of the holidays for cat lovers—cats. Tiny paw prints, big sweet kitty eyes, it’s pretty purrfect. If you’re all about your fur babies this season, you’ll be feline fine in this design.  

Merry and Bright

Design by Taylor Rose
Sweater Things” design by Taylor Rose 

Going a little crazy this holiday season? Maybe you decorate your living room with holiday lights year round in order to communicate with the Upside Down. Infuse your holiday sweater style with Stranger Things and twinkle right along with those beautiful bulbs. 

Level Up!

Design by Retro Review
Super Christmas Bros” design by Retro Review

It’s the holidays, which means it’s the perfect time to incorporate your favorite nerd references. Mario and Luigi get in the holiday spirit in this design for gamers, cross-stitchers, and retro fans alike. Score extra points for drinking all the mystery punch, making friends with the host’s pets, and passing out on the pile of coats in the bedroom.

Not the Good List, the Awesome List

Design by Perry Beane and Ross Matlock
I Wasn’t Good this Year, I Was Awesome” design by Perry Beane and Ross Matlock

Let everyone at the party know what Santa already does—you weren’t just good this year, you were awesome. That’s right, the awesome list has just one name on it. Yours. Rock this ugly sweater-inspired design that’s anything but ugly. Dinos shooting lasers, unicorns riding bears, and UFOs, oh my! It’s a design truly as awesome as its wearer. 

Brace Your Elves

Design by Sem Brys
Winter is Here” design by Sem Brys

Welcome winter with all your favorite holiday, pop culture, and just plain nerdy characters all in one design! This faux holiday sweater design has something for everyone and will surely be the talk of the party. First, grab this design on a warm sweatshirt or regular tee, then head to the party and point to it at any point to avoid small talk. So much more interesting to discuss Jack Skellington or the Grinch than your holiday plans or how much holiday shopping you have left.  

Holiday Knit

Design by JLWestover
Thug Life Christmas Sweater” design by JLWestover

All the joy of grandma’s cross-stitch paired with your own personal mantra. Live that thug life (or hug life) and represent the magic of the holidays in a cozy sweatshirt. Pour another drink for you and those you love. Then party on! 

Put your spin on the holiday sweater classic and rock one of these not-so-ugly seasonal designs. Then RSVP “yes” to all those outstanding holiday party invitations, grab your merry-and-bright tee, and celebrate the season in style! 

Sarah Fischer

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