Welcome Back, Summer: 7 Great Looks for Your Fun in the Sun

Woman wearing a t-shirt, next to a lake, smiling and hula hooping

We know what you did last summer. The same thing we did—nothing. For obvious reasons, summer 2020 was a total wash. A room-temperature nothingburger with no sides, no drink, and no chocolate frosty for dessert. Yet, somehow, it still gave us a wretched stomachache. But this summer will be different (fingers crossed). As more people receive the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s slowly becoming safer to venture out into the world. That means you can go back to doing many of the fun summer activities you missed. Dining al fresco with Grandma. Playing pickup basketball at the park. Sweating your ass off and saying, “I’d give my right kidney for a fall breeze!”

To help you get back into the swing of summer, we’ve assembled seven looks inspired by some of our favorite warm-weather activities. Let’s actually enjoy the season this year—and look good doing it! Most importantly, get vaxxed and STAY SAFE.

1. Life’s a Beach, Beach is Life, or Whatever They Say

What’s more relaxing than soaking up the sun on the beach? I’ll tell you what’s not—baking another loaf of sourdough bread in your kitchen. You can do that when the sun’s not shining. Instead, find the closest body of water, crack open a cold beverage, and forget that there’s already sand in places you don’t want to talk about. The “Endless Summer” Drawstring Bag is the perfect spot to store your sunblock and beach essentials. The “Tropical Jungle 302 C” Beach Towel, meanwhile, gives you a soft surface to sprawl out on.

2. Get In, We’re Going Camping

Has being cooped up for over a year given you cabin fever? We don’t blame you. The best cure is going out into the wilderness and clearing your mind. What’s the worst that could happen? You step in poison sumac? You get adopted by The Berenstain Bears? Indulge your desire for adventure while donning the “Let’s Go” T-Shirt, and keep your campfire coffee warm with the “Wild Flowers” Travel Mug.

3. Welcome to Moshville, Pitsylvania

That one concert festival is coming up. You know, the one you bought tickets for in 2020, but got rescheduled three times. Fourth time’s a charm! If you’re like us, you can’t wait to scream-sing your favorite songs, sip on a $16 Bud Light, and go wild next to a 10,000-watt speaker. The stretchy “Meow” Leggings give you the mobility you need to dance the night away. Plus, the “Metal Fest” Deep V-Neck T-Shirt shows all the posers you love metal way more than them.

4. What’s Cooking, Fam?

Has your whole family been vaccinated yet? Maybe it’s finally time to invite them over for an ol’ backyard cookout. Let them know what’s on the menu with the “Summer Burger” Tank and “Hotdog” Socks. Then, start counting down until your uncle brings up politics and your 8-year-old nephew climbs onto the roof when no one’s watching. You know what? We’ll take our plate to go.

5. Exercise? I Thought You Said “Summer Fun.”

Yes, we did say “summer fun.” Believe it or not, there are some people who actually missed going to the gym during quarantine. If you’re one of those people, Threadless has gear that you’ll find handy for your next workout sesh. Carry your running shoes, an extra change of clothes, and an emergency pizza in the “Motivational Gym Unicorn” Duffle Bag. Also, the “Vapor Beach” Neck Gaiter wicks away sweat, and you can wear it as a headband.

6. Go Wild with Your Cubs at the Zoo

The zoo is an enchanting place where you can get an up-close look at wild animals such as lions, zebras, and giraffes. Bring the kids along for your next trip while wearing the “Blush and Gold Leopard Silhouettes” T-Shirt and matching “Leopard Print 02” Socks. That is, unless zoos make you feel like freeing all of the apes from the primate house. In that case, we’d stick to birdwatching at the park.

7. Elevate Our Communities

With social distancing, the pandemic has made it difficult for many of us to help those in need, particularly in-person. Now that more folks get access to vaccines, we can go back to helping our communities any way we can. Help clean up a park. Volunteer at a food bank. Participate in a charity race. Even small actions can have a huge impact on lives. One simple way you can support communities includes Threadless Causes. A portion of proceeds from all four of the designs above benefit organizations doing critical work all around the world. Find more Threadless Causes designs here.

The design featured at the top of this post is “Feels Good to Be Bad” by ibyes.

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