Welcome to Paradise Park

Pizza selfie at Paradise Park

PIZZA. The delicious pie that drives many mad with desire. A savory and cheesy dough thing that changes form often and yet still remains an object of sustenance we frequently long for. Chicago is known for doing pizza right, so we journeyed to the great wonderland that is Paradise Park and put their pizza to the test.

Part restaurant, part utopia, Paradise Park has quickly become our favorite place to hang and fully lounge in vacation mode. It’s the perfect destination for a workation (hello happy hour!), a foodie staycation (stuffed jalapeños, like woah) or just a celebratory gathering with good friends (Instagram worthy photo opps galore).

Take a visual journey with us to Paradise Park and be sure to visit them the next time you’re in Chicago!

Pizza with friends at Paradise Park
Left to Right: “Get your own pizza, human!” t-shirt by Fox Shiver, “Pizza Kick” t-shirt by Gerardo Rodriguez, “Cute Friends” phone case by Ilustrata, “Pizza Nightmare” t-shirt by angdzu, “Van Life” t-shirt by Tatak Waskitho

Upon entering the gates of Paradise Park, you’re instantly transported to an oasis filled floor to ceiling with shrubbery. The faux-outdoor space is covered with a greenhouse like tent that lets in all the sunshine. The astroturf ground cover gives the space a trailer park allure that we found incredibly inviting.

Guy wearing t-shirt at Paradise Park
Retro Technology” t-shirt by Ralph Citra

Just one sec while we take a nap on the grass…

Laying in astroturf on a blanket at Paradise Park
Edible” blanket by Alex Solis, “Road Trip” pillow by Alfie Bocabel, “Violet Stone” t-shirt by Danial Arruda

The pièce de résistance, or rather our favorite landmark inside Paradise Park has to be the trailer. This giant piece of machinery sets an ideal backdrop to make you feel like you’re camping, glamping, or just being weird sipping your morning coffee in some random trailer park. Bust out the s’mores!

Friends sitting next to a trailer at Paradise Park
Sonnige Orange” travel mug by Anny Cecilia Walter, “Have a Nice Day” mug by Vó Maria, “Summer Camp” t-shirt by dandingeroz, “Sur la Plage” mug by Florent Bodart, “Among Friends” water bottle by Erin Hesser

No sanctuary would be complete without a claw footed bathtub and Paradise Park’s extremely inviting outdoor tub display does not disappoint.

Friends in a bathtub at Paradise Park
Pineappleade” Bucketfeet by DJ LU, “Dia de los Muertos” Bucketfeet by Ircadelik

Fancy a disco ball filled stroll in Wicker Park? We got you.

Women standing next to a disco ball at Paradise Park
The Great Outdoors” t-shirt by radiomode, “Retro Radio” tote bag by BullyandBunny

Time to don your favorite pizza inspired t-shirt or rock your favorite summer frock and head on down to Paradise Park! Where the flamingos are a-plenty and the bathroom stalls are lined with images of shirtless celebrities. Just another day in paradise.

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