Welcome to the School of Life

When the world is your schoolhouse, lessons are everywhere. As summer transitions into autumn, folks everywhere are preparing for what’s next. We sat down with a few Threadless fans—parents, kids, and teens—to find out what they’ve learned, what they love and what’s in store for for their back-to-school season.    

Ryan, Jay, and Olivia wearing Threadless t-shirt designs
Ryan Schaefer wearing “Cheesy Friends Forever” by Philip Tseng, Jake Macatangay wearing “Fries” by Ian Byers, and Olivia Vitale wearing “The Breakfast Club” by Jaco Haasbroek.  

We sat down with best friends and thirteen-year-olds Ryan, Jake, and Olivia to chat their favorite foods, friendship, and life lessons the week before they head back to school.  

What’s a great lesson you’ve learned in your life? 

Jake: Don’t fall asleep first at a sleepover. I didn’t, but somebody else did! And we markered on his face and he went to church the next day and didn’t wash it off. It was permanent. 

Ryan: I’ve learned don’t try and pull an all-nighter, because then you won’t be able to do anything. I stayed up until 4 AM in the morning then I had to go to hockey and I was falling asleep on the bench. What do I do all night? Play Fortnite!

Olivia: I’ve learned don’t reach under the seat in class because of all the gum that’s already chewed.

What’s your favorite meal of the day and if you could only eat one thing forever, what would it be?

Ryan: Dinner, and I’d eat a medium rare cheeseburger. I don’t eat fruits or vegetables—strictly protein.

Olivia: I’d pick breakfast, and really any kind of fruit because it’s a good way to start the day. 

Jake: Can I say brunch? It’s both breakfast and lunch, best of both worlds. 

What’s your favorite food (meal or snack) to make for yourself? 

Ryan: KFC recently came out with a chicken Cheeto sandwich, and I can make that myself. Bun, chicken, and Cheetos, sometimes, if you want to get really fancy, you destroy all the Cheetos (like crush them up) and put them on the chicken, but I don’t usually do that.

Olivia: I like to make a sandwich.

Jake: I heat up whatever’s in the fridge.

What are you most excited about going back to school? 

Jake: I’m most excited for my Spanish class, because last year there were a bunch of troublemakers in it, and we annoyed the teacher. It’ll be the same this year. 

Ryan: I’m excited for gym. I don’t like any class, just gym.

Olivia: I like debates in English. There are a lot of topics you can choose to debate about. Once I debated, “if water’s wet.” I was saying it’s not.

What do you hope to learn this year?

Olivia: How to cook! I’m taking culinary arts. You get to make the food and the final project is to make a course and serve it to someone. 

Ryan: I’m going to learn how to do math; I’m in pre-algebra.

Lance and Yorke Curran wearing Threadless t-shirts
Yorke Curran is wearing “Go Take a Hike” design by Michael Buxton.

Lance and Yorke Curran are avid adventurers so we asked them about the glorious nature of the outdoors. Yorke is 10 years old and will be heading into fifth grade. Lance works at Threadless as the Artist Shops Account Director. 

Yorke, what are your favorite outdoor activities?

Skateboarding, swimming, and archery. 

What do you like about being outside?

Being able to run freely!

Have you been camping? If so, what’s your favorite part?

We just went camping! I like swimming in a lake.

What do you think about the design you’re wearing?


Betsy and Louie Lam wearing Threadless t-shirts
Betsy Lam is wearing “Sup Brontosaurus?” design by Joel Robinson and Louie Lam is wearing “Fartzilla” design by FatMax. 

We connected with Betsy and Louie Lam about their love for all things dinosaurs. Louie is 5 years old and is heading into Kindergarten. Betsy works at Threadless as a Senior Software Engineer. 

Louie, what do you like about dinosaurs?

I like dinosaurs because some dinosaurs have powerful powers. Because they’re strong, that’s what I mean.

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Ankylosaurus, because it has a ball on its tail.

If you could make up your own dinosaur, what would it look like and what would it be named?

It would have 100 ears and spikes. It would be named “Don.”

What do you think about the “Fartzilla” design you’re wearing right now.

It’s funny.

Life is funny. Here’s to always having fun with friends, family, and never falling asleep first at a sleepover.

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