We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bag…

Dunnnn dun. Dunnnn dun. Dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, CHOMP!

While it may be true that a shark fin isn’t exactly the first thing you want to see amongst the waves when you’re minding your own business on a casual snorkel, one thing is universally known: sharks are awesome. I mean, they have a whole week dedicated to them. And artist Elizabeth’s (@Agimat ni Ingkong) winning design for our ‘Weekender’ challenge provides beachy vibes while also making every week Shark Week. (Disclaimer: does not include salty sea captain or companion boat.)

We talked to Elizabeth about her winning design, love of nature, and of course, about travel!

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First things first, what have you been up to! Do you do art for a living?

YES! We do art for a living, we encounter so many clients from different countries and join different tee site challenges. I’m working as a senior graphic designer in a garment industry here in the Philippines and at the same time, I’m doing freelance home-based work with my husband. We both create designs.

WAVES OF SHARKS” on our super nautical rope handle weekender bag in action!

Is this design based on a personal beach-going experience with sharks??

No, not really. I have never encountered a shark in my whole life or seen a real one hahaha

Tell us a little bit about this design! How did you think of it? 

At first, I find it like flat waves like repetition, then my husband said it’s a bit boring. So we decided to put a shark’s fin in it, and then the rest is history :)

It may be our Weekender winner, but you can snag “WAVES OF SHARKS” on way more than just a weekender bag! Top row: Drawstring bag, rope handle weekender bag, and framed art print | Bottom row: Heavy duty phone case, bath mat, and duvet cover.

This is such a perfect vacation design – what’s the coolest vacation you’ve ever been on?

Maybe this coming February; next year we’re going to Hong Kong with the family.

Wild Shapes

A lot of your art seems to feature nature. Are you a big fan of the outdoors?

Yup! I love Nature, I love explorations, I love animals. Anything about nature is a gift of beauty

Retro Camping

Your style has such a balance between minimalism and beautiful artistic detail! What medium do you typically use?

Adobe Illustrator then finishing touches on Photoshop.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I think being inspirational is what I wanted to share; ideas are just around the corner ready for us to grab. Just submit, submit, and submit because the saying goes: “The more entries you send, the more chances of winning :)” 

Thank you, Threadless!!!

– INKCREATIVES: Elizabeth & Albert


See more of the winning design!

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