What Do YOUR “Inside Out” Emotions Look Like?

There are two things that are true about emotions:

1: We all have them.

2: “Hangry” is the most real emotion there is.

Pixar would be the company who would give us an emotional story about emotions. Inside Out tugged on our heartstrings and gave us all the feels about all the feels.

But there’s way more emotions than the movie’s lovable main players of “Sadness,” “Joy,” “Anger,” “Disgust,” and “Fear.” So for the launch of our Inside Out designs, we asked our artists to draw an emotion that wasn’t in the movie and to tell us which character in the movie was their fave. 

Check out their emotions below and leave your own awesome drawings in the comments!

Confusion / “Riley’s Mind” by Kyle Frisch


My favorite emotion from Inside Out is Anger. He steals every scene he’s in!  And if another emotion had appeared in the film, I think it would have been fun to see Confusion. That’s certainly an emotion we’ve all experienced plenty of times!



– Kyle Frisch, Westerville, Ohio


Hysterical / “Bing Bong Lunar Adventures” by Katie Cantrell


My favorite Inside Out emotion is Disgust because someone needs to be keeping broccoli pizza in check.


– Katie Cantrell, Cleveland, Ohio


“Anxiety” / “Congratulations San Francisco” by Gintron & papaomaangas


Anger is my favourite. I’m more of a ‘bottled up’ emotion kind of guy, so it’s nice to see someone so…well, angry. Let ’em have it anger!

And for an emotion that wasn’t in the film, I’m sticking close to home with ‘Anxiety’! Anything from posting work on Threadless to raising two boys, I’ve got anxiety in spades! Wee!


– Nicholas Ginty (Gintron), South Central Ontario Canada 


Shyness / “Colourful Mind” by Paula García


My favourite emotion in Inside Out is sadness. I identify with her because I’m also quite pessimistic :P I think she has one of the most important roles in the movie, and I love the way they make us see that it’s not something negative, but that sadness is also needed in our lives.


– Paula García, Almería, Spain


Squee / “Cry a Lot” by Papaprime


Definitely sadness. I’m good at finding cloud behind the silver lining, so Sadness was speaking my mind throughout the movie. And this is Squee! Also known as fanboy/girl. Also known as extreme, anticipatory excitement. As a balloon, he’s a bit of an airhead. He’s also known to deflate when plans are changed or movie release dates are pushed back.


– Dann Matthews (Papaprime), Superior, WI


Emotionless / “The Actress” by Alex Solis


My favorite emotion is sadness, I love the simplicity of her actions and how much depth there was behind her character. I wish there was an emotion that was way different than all the others, maybe an emotionless one? That would make the whole movie creepy and weird.


– Alex Solis, Chicago


Peaceful / “Sad Rain” by idilek

I love sadness, because without that you can never have joy.



– Ibrahim Dilek (idilek), Turkey


Boredom / “How’s Your Day?” by Japdua


I really liked sadness’s character in the movie, so I created a companion for her. He is Boredom. I know they can be good friends.



– Jason Apdua, Manila, Philippines


Goofiness / “Angry Scream” by murraymullet


My favorite emotion was Anger. I love that Anger really portrayed the slow build as well as the sudden outburst that we all can relate to in life. He was the perfect embodiment of his emotion. And I love the idea of goofiness being an emotion. I find that my goofiness shows up and takes over at very inappropriate times leaving my other emotions to pick up the pieces. In my head he never has pants on and should really get a haircut.


– Phil Jones (murraymullet), Minneapolis, MN


Self-Conciousness / “Pure Joy” by thedeetzes


My favorite emotion from Inside Out was Joy. Not only because I’m a big Amy Poehler fan, but because life without those moments of pure joy would be pretty freaking miserable. And my doodled emotion is “Self Consciousness”. We all feel it WAY too much most days.


– Paul Berthelot (thedeetzes) Ottawa, Canada


Tag Game” by Olipopart

My favorite emotion is Fear, because he wants to get everything under control but in a cowardly way and that makes him more funny.



– Oliver (Olipopart), Benidorm, Spain

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