What Fictional Character Should be President of the World?

Happy Birthday, Mr. President…right? Is that what this holiday is about?

To celebrate this very location-specific holiday with our artists from many locations around the globe, we united everyone this week with a common purpose that knows no geographical bounds – fictional characters.

We asked this week’s awesome artists, what fictional character do you think should be president of the world? Check out their answers below! Spoiler alert: I think Batman’s the winner. For liberty and JUSTICE for all.

Got your own two cents? Throw it in the comments!

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“Roundscape” by Filgouvea

I would want it to be Pinky because that would piss the Brain off.


Fil Gouvea (filgouvea), Rio de Janeiro
The Democratic Party” and “The Republican Party” by Tom Burns

Peter Griffin!


Tom Burns, Scottsdale AZ
“Feudal Spider Warrior” by Tom Burns and Figzy8

Batman would be a great worldwide president. I think he would rid the world of political corruption one elbow strike at a time.


Joey (Figzy8)
“Future Girl” by hafaell

I think Cthuthu would be a great popular and respectful leader. “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtan.”


Hafaell Pereira (hafaell), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Ripple in the Sand” by shesmatilda

Tony Stark as a Billionaire inventor guy before his iron suit. He’s a Genius billionaire and a Playboy Philanthropist.  That sums it up. Some trivia, his middle name is Edward, in German it means “Rich Protector.” I think he’ll make a good leader.


shesmatilda, Manila, Philippines
“Through the 4th Wall” by TripperJack

I’d want The Wolf from Pulp Fiction to be president of the world. He fixes things…


TripperJack, Toronto

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