With our Muse challenge heating up, lately we’ve been pretty inspired by…well, inspiration!

The people, places, and things that get artists’ creative gears turning can be as unique as the art they create.

What inspires you to do artsy things? Music? Avocados? Hearing about what inspires other people? If it’s that last one, we’ve got some real good news for ya. We asked our artists this week what inspires them to create awesome art.

Check out their answers, and let us know what inspires you in the comments below!

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“AvoCardio” by mogumogu

I’m inspired by avocado smoothies. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me – avocado + cycling make me happy :)



– Mogumogu, Singapore
“Life is Damn Good” by filgouvea

Watching an artist I admire work on a piece from start to finish is what inspires me the most. There is just something magical about the creative process that gets me going. Nature too – who is better to combine shapes and colors with such diversity? Endless inspiration source.


– Fil Gouvea, Rio de Janeiro
“Uncontrollable” by PIGBOOM

Sometimes I’m unsure of what inspires me, but I’m usually drawn by my inner-me, my mood, and the moment of the day. It’s therapeutic and it’s just my way of releasing my creative spirit. Also, my fellow independent artists inspire me to be more creative.


– PIGBOOM, Philippines
“Impossible” by Corsac

What inspires me to create? Well…everything. Yes, it’s the easy way to say “I don’t know.” I have never thought about it, but I think inspiration can come from anything. If I was forced to define my inspiration, I will say music. I don’t know how life would look without it. Of course, Threadless inspire me a lot. There are so many amazing and talented people in this community.



– Missaire Julien (Corsac), Liège
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