What Kind of Music Do You Like to Listen to When You’re Doing Art?

Have you heard? Threadless no longer just clothes your body. Now we also clothe your space with our sweet homegoods collection for your home sweet home!

So it seemed only fitting that in honor of being able to buy new swag for your home zone, we ask our artists what music gets them into their creative zone. Check out their answers below!

Have something you like to jam to while you’re making awesome art? Leave your answer in the comments! And if you want a chance to see your designs adorn your space, check out our homegoods challenge!

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Catffeinated” & “What is a Diet” by casandrang

Pop, indie or k-pop. Anything slow or upbeat, depending on my mood.

Casandra Ng (casandrang) Johor, Malaysia
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“Camouflage” by Jacob Patrick

I listen to a lot of different genres, so typically I’ll put on a playlist that includes a lot of Mat Kearney, Colony House, Haim, Daft Punk, and Hall & Oates, along with a whole bunch of classic rock singles.

Jacob Patrick,  Nampa, ID
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“Arcade Madness” by Wesley Schoonderwoerd

Typically I can be found listening to Classic Rock, Pop Rock or Punk Rock when working on a project and can’t seem to get enough of New Wave Music lately. The radio just doesn’t seem to cut it for me since I tend to run into a song I dislike sooner or later, but I love the small surprise of not knowing what song will come on next. This is why I enjoy filling up playlists with all kinds of music genres – just hit the shuffle button and I’ll be good to go.

Wesley Schoonderwoerd, Gouda, Netherlands
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“Dungeons and Patterns” by queenmob

I like to listen to calm, instrumental, inspiring music. Either Jazz, or one of my favorites, movie soundtracks (original soundtracks) for fantasy or sci-fi movies. I like to imagine I’m part of a story when I listen to them :)

Anna-Maria Jung (queenmob), Graz
“Outlaw” by Evan Luza

For me, a healthy mixture of battle raps, and instrumental albums ranging anywhere from Tycho to Flying Lotus.

Evan Luza, Atlanta, GA
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“Tropical Fleur” by fdegrossi

I like to make my designs listening to music to raise my level of concentration. A good example is instrumental music with few vocals present in the album Seven Lives Many Faces of ENIGMA

Fernando Degrossi (Tropical Fleur)
“Full Power” by gambil

Rock music from the ’70s, full of emotion blues, and even heavy metal riffs. They share one thing, the greatest invention of mankind…guitar.



Konrad Stafinski (Gambil), Krakow, Poland

Featured image is “Memories of Aldebaran” by Niel Quisaba



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