What’s been on your reading list lately?

With the end of summer quickly approaching, it’s time to swap out that sand-covered summer reading list for some fresh books for fall. And if you got through Harry Potter and the Cursed Child way too quick, you’re probably as in need of some new books for that list as we are.

So we asked our artists what books have been on their reading list lately. Check out their answers below (annotations not required) and get inspired to get lost in a new book!

Have a book you’ve been obsessed with lately? Leave it in the comments!

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“Bixby Creek Bridge” by goodkiid

On my reading list is a book called Alex & Me by Irene M. Pepperberg. It tells a real story about the relationship between a scientist and an African Grey parrot, Alex. The parrot became famous worldwide for being extremely intelligent and impressed scientists all over the world!


Fernanda Schallen (goodkiid) | Brasil
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“Neighborly Creatures” by queenmob

My reading list is a colorful compilation of science-fiction and fantasy. The last five books I read were the Expanse books – amazing sci-fi with a Firefly-like crew. Then I went back to fantasy – The Shades of Magic (sooo good) and now I’m back to sci-fi with kick-ass action in The Paradox Trilogy. I can’t really read anything that doesn’t have fantastic elements in it.


Anna-Maria Jung (queenmob) | Graz, Austria
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“A Little Horse” by DinoMike

Because I’m a huge fan of Gravity Falls, I’ve recently got a hold of Journal 3, which is a reproduction of the book that appears on the show. The detail in it is just amazing. But I think the last proper grown-up book I read was We Need To Talk About Kevin, and that’s probably about as far away from a cartoon show book as you can get.


Michael Buxton (DinoMike)
Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 10.44.29 PM
“Eclipse” by Benjamin Ang

I’ve been looking into unconventional point-of-view characters lately and I’m glad to have found Orhan Pamuk’s My Name is RedA different character narrates each chapter, sometimes an animal, an object, or even death itself.

Besides being brilliantly written, it’s an amazing palate cleanser for all those suffering from writer’s block.


Benjamin Ang | Singapore
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“Go Camp!” by NDTank

So many things. The list keeps growing and I keep falling farther and farther behind. At the moment though, I just finished Anthony Doerr’s excellent All the Light We Cannot See and started Hollow City by Ransom Riggs.

NDTank  | Daniels, WV
Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 10.41.50 PM
“12 Animals (That Are Definitely Not An Octopus)” by GyleDesigns

I recommended my students read some books on design and thinking over the summer, so I thought it fair to read some myself. Right now I’m reading The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman. Next on my list is Change by Design by Tim Brown and Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky. Don’t think I’ll finish them all by the time school starts.


Gabe Pyle (GyleDesigns) | Columbus, OH
Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 10.46.20 PM
“Bubble Town” by Arkzai

Ouch, a touchy subject…Have’t been reading as much lately so besides Buzzfeed I’ve been starting Lord of the Barnyard by Tristan Egolf for a second time.


Arkady Zaifman (Arkzai)| Tel Aviv

Cthulhu’s Church” by spike00

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