What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Gotten?

Sure, the holidays are about being present – not the presents. But sometimes it’s nice to look back at the warm and fuzzy feelings getting a really awesome gift – or giving a really awesome gift – causes.

To start gearing up for the holidays creepin’ up just around the corner, we asked our artists this week about the best gift they’ve ever gotten. Check out what they had to say below! And if you have an awesome memory to share, leave it in the comments!

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“Explosion” by zinn_xvi

When I was about 13 or 14 I was really getting into painting, and my dad was super supportive of my interest. I had no idea, but everyday once I had gone to bed he went out in the garage and built me a wooden easel, working on it while I slept. On my birthday when I opened it I was blown away, I loved it so much. I was so touched that my dad spent all that time late at night out in the garage working on something just for me. Love you dad. RIP.



Azizaninn (zinn_xvi) | Malaysia
“Whale Watching” Jackie Farkas

One of the best gifts I have ever gotten is an original Salvador Dali etching. He is one of the artists I most admire.



Jackie Farkas | San Diego, CA
“Find Your Exit”

Right now I ask people not to buy me anything, as I feel we live in a world with excessive consumption, and I have pretty much everything I need/want. But I remember how excited I was when my father gave me my first videogame: a master system.



Mathiole | Belo Horizonte
“Gondola” by Forrest Moon

A bit emotional for me: when I had my first big bucks client that paid well my needs. Blessings come in many ways.


Forrest Moon | Manila
“Birdtopia” by metalsan

When I started studying design my older brother took me to a big store and bought me everything I needed to start. There were paints, pencils, color pencils, markers, charcoal, paper and all kind of stuff; it was a great gift.



Santiago (metalsan)
“Vive Tu Vida” by Zelally

The best gift I’ve ever gotten was a birthday card from my dad, in which he wrote a message reminding me that I’m perfect just the way I am. Sounds cheesy, I know, but I was feeling pretty down on myself at the time because of a breakup and it was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. I now keep it pinned to a bulletin board above my desk so I see it everyday.



Allyson Zelinski (Zelally) | Chicago, IL

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