What’s on the Artist’s Wishlist This Holiday?

Getting gifts for artists and creative types can be hard. This year, my niece started dabbling in typography and my nephew has been sketching anime a lot, so I’m thinking art supplies may get me in the running for best aunt award this season…fingers crossed.

But what do artists really want this holiday? Paint brushes? Some type of paper? World peace?

For some extra inspiration, we asked artists what it is they want to find under their tree.

Check out their answers! And if you feel like it, leave your own answer in the comments below. 

Art Class Schmart Class” by BeanePod

To be honest, nothing. But having said that I do have 3 kids under the age of 10 so just one day of peace and quiet without a single fight would be the perfect gift for me. YOU HEAR ME SANTA?



– Perry Beane, (BeanePod)
Don’t be a Dick” by DinoMike

The main thing on my wishlist is that my girlfriend manages to finish It’s A Wonderful Life this year. She fell asleep halfway through it last year and without the ending, it’s just the most depressing film ever made.


– Michael Buxton (DinoMike)
Not my Type” and “Wide Open” by Mathiole

Geez, I don’t think I have one! For a long time I feel like I have everything that I need…but you know what? Underwear is never too much, and socks too…that’s it!


– Mathiole, Belo Horizonte
Reconnect” by The Paper Crane & NDTank

I don’t know…probably the same things that most people wish for – time to relax, quality family time, plenty of fun and games, good food, no hangovers, world peace.


– Rick Crane, (The Paper Crane), UK

As cliché as it may be, top of my wish list is for everyone to have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season surrounded by family and friends. All the best to everyone in the coming year!


– NDTank, Daniels, WV
Carpe Denim” by hisartwork

I haven’t really got a wishlist, but if I did, it wouldn’t consist of anything tangible, it would probably consist of more ideas for Threadless submissions, or even for more motivation to get more personal design/art work done. That would be swell. Merry Christmas and God Bless!


– Joe Baum (hisartwork), Plantation, FL



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