What’s The Best Art Museum On Earth?

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What’s The Best Art Museum On Earth?

“Little Fresh Prince” by Haasbroek

I haven’t been to any art museums outside of South Africa. I’d say the best art museum is public space—endless opportunities and forever changing.

– Jaco Haasbroek, Cape Town

“Unusual Fingerprint” by Mainial

All Bali, Indonesia, is a museum because the native culture has remained intact for hundreds of years. The population upholds what ancestors bequeathed to them. And that has continued until today.

– M Safii Mainial, Medan, Indonesia

“Koala Loves Beer” by clipdepeilicula

The best museum in the world is on the streets. That’s where I find everyday inspiration to create, to find the key to open my imagination, and to start each design. It all starts on the streets. – Alex Zapata, Valencia, Spain

“Inflatable Attack” by lycocorax

I haven’t been to many cool museums, but I think the one I would be most entertained and fascinated by is The Strong National Museum of Play as I am very addicted to videogames in general. Also the Museum of Modern Art. Yeah so basically I need to go to NY ASAP! – Matheus Lopes, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“Yo Joe!” by Ferstenfeld and Mathiole

My favorite art museum is the Philadelphia Art Museum. I have seen so many amazing exhibits there (Van Gogh, Monet, Cubism etc), as well as the world famous Barnes Collection on site. It’s also in the middle of Philadelphia and anyone who has seen the staircase scene in Rocky knows it offers the most stunning view in town!– Evan Ferstenfeld, Ewing, NJ

“The Entrance” by lycocorax

I would say surrealism paintings. Dalí, Magritte and Max Ernst are my favorite artists. Their works are inspiring even today. 
Xiang Zhao, Qingdao City, China

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