What’s the Best Holiday Gift You’ve Ever Gotten?

And suddenly, it was the holidays!

The holidays may happen at the same time every year, but they still always seem to come at us outta nowhere. Pretty soon all of those big holiday questions will be upon us. Like, “Oh crap, wtf am I getting for my brother?” and “Has anybody actually gotten a fruitcake for Christmas? Like, are those even real?”

Our designs this week all have a certain nerdy je ne sais quoi to them. So to help you brainstorm gift ideas, we asked our artists what holiday gift got them as excited as the N64 kid.


Check out their answers below! And if you’ve ever gotten a gift for the holidays that made you flail with joy, leave it in the comments!

Happy Holiday hunting, y’all.

And Ramen” by Steger & Sasteger

One of the greatest Christmas gifts I’ve ever gotten was my bike in 1986. Most of my early childhood memories revolve around riding my bike around the neighborhood with my brother, Scott. It opened a new world to us (including riding down to the 7-eleven when we weren’t supposed to and buying Pop Rocks). Check out my sweet slippers too. I was never that cool again.


– Andrew Steger (Steger)
Meowlting” by ilovedoodle

It was in 2013 that I got a job offer to design Christmas decorations for a shopping mall in Hong Kong. Seeing my illustrations turned into huge real 3D scenes? That is one special Christmas for me.


– Lim Heng Swee (ilovedoodle) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bear Block” by danielteres

I remember a holiday when I expected the best and greatest RC Car. I was surprised when I saw a huge amount small yellow boxes with candies, balloons and small cars inside. My greatest holiday gift was realizing that you can really enjoy the little things.



– Daniel Teres, Puebla, Mexico
My Memory is Terrible” by DinoMike

Well all this Star Wars craziness going on at the moment just reminds me of being a kid and getting new Star Wars toys at Christmas. I was a huge Star Wars nerd (and probably still am) and I remember going particularly insane over opening up the AT-AT toy. It was literally bigger than our dog.

– Michael Buxton (DinoMike)
The Pipe” by Naolito

I’ll always remember the day I received my NES, my brother and I spent all night playing (well, he played while I watched). All those sleepless nights playing with Mario are probably the reason why this design exists  :)


– Naolito, Algeciras
From Jungle to City” by dandingeroz

The greatest holiday gift I’ve ever had was when me and my wife found out that we’re having a baby!!!

That was the best moment of our lives and will cherish forever!


– Dan Elijah Fajardo (dandingeroz), Manila, Philippines
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