What’s the Weirdest Dream You’ve Ever Had?

Dreams are weird, yo.

From Freud proposing they had hidden messages, to Billy Ocean wanting you to step out of his dreams and into his car, dreams are very much a part of, well, reality. We all have them. And yet they still make about as much sense as Inception did.


To celebrate this week’s surreal collection of trippy designs, we asked our artists what’s the weirdest dream they’ve ever had? Check out their answers below!

And if you’ve had a particularly weird dream, leave it in the comments.

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“Face Party” by kristerpelly

The one that comes to mind is the onion dream. I was walking in a gorgeous field of tall grass. It was an early evening in the summer, the sky was super blue and the grass was a warm yellow. The onions were growing opposite of how they normally grow, they were floating upwards while attached to the grass. I took a bite and the dream was over. I hated onions before I had this dream and now I love them.



– Krista Perry (kristerpelly)


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“Introvert!” by Gintron

I’m a big dreamer – Huge fan. One weird dream I had back in 1992 was actually the puzzle solution to a point and click adventure game called Rex Nebular. So my brain knew the answer, but I didn’t? Whaaaaaa!?


– Nicholas Ginty (Gintron), South Central Ontario Canada.
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“The Pink Pachyderm” by biotwist

I can’t think of any  good answers or even remember any of my dreams, all dreams are weird anyways. you’re weird.


– Jonah Block (biotwist), Edison, NJ
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“On LV-426” by JCMaziu

The truth is that I do not usually have dreams too weird But I have some that are repeated. One of the recurring dreams that I have is one that I’m being chased by an entity that I can never see but for some reason I become a parkour expert in these dreams and I can flee jumping fences or climbing walls easily. But one of the most bizarre dreams I’ve had is a variant of those recurring in which I reach an obstacle I can not overcome in any way and the entity reaches me but only to remove the obstacle and force me to run to the next one.


I woke up quite puzzled. :)



– JCMaziu, Malaga, Spain


Featured design is “Moon Sailing” by dandingeroz



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