What’s Your Favorite Holiday Movie?

Between holiday food, gifts for family & friends, and (definitely spiked) eggnog, ’tis the season to be binge-y. And holiday movies are no exception.

Once December 26th hits, the Christmas movies all go back into the cannot-watch vault until the holidays roll around again in 365 days. So to inspire the movies you’ll holiday-Netflix-and-chill to, we asked our artists what’s your favorite Christmas movie and asked them to draw something from it.

Check out their answers below!

“Nature Conquers All” by Stirpel Gonzales

I love to watch some early ’90s or early 2000’s classics. In Germany, they show those movies all the time during the holidays. Like Home Alone, Love Actually, or really romantic movies like Die Hard and Full Metal Jacket. German fairy tales are popular, too. You can watch them hanging on the sofa being half-asleep with a belly full of chocolate, since you already know the story.


– Stefan (Stirpel Gonzales)
“Television Marathon Champion” by blue sparrow

Well it’s not strictly a holiday movie, but Gremlins is set at Christmas time. My girlfriend thought one of the gremlin’s rules was “don’t let them eat chicken.”


– Steven Rhodes (blue sparrow), Brisbane, Australia
“Friendly Forest Spirits” by Pigboom

My most favorite holiday movie is Rare Exports. I love this movie because it’s unlike most holiday movies where a whole family could watch. This one has a twist, a bit dark and mysterious but still a fun movie. This is a Christmas tale for someone who loves horror and dark fantasy films.


– Pigboom, Philippines
“Game, Set, Match” by mockart

A Christmas Story is definitely my favorite. I’ve watched it at least once a year for as long as I can remember. I’ve never related more to a character than Randy, the little brother.


– Jeremy Martinez, (mockart) Madison, WI
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