What’s Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

They say you never want too much of a good thing…but we say “pssh, yeah h’okay” and ignore that rule.

Because for some good things? There’s no such thing as ‘too much.’ Like Michael Bublé singing Christmas music. Or eating your weight in holiday food, but still having room for dessert in your dessert stomach. Or watching this kid freak out about getting an N64 (as one does.)


To celebrate their sublimated beauties and the upcoming holidays, we asked our artists what their favorite holiday tradition is and asked them to share a picture of it with us.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Share it in the comments below!

Deluge” by chuckpcomics / Chuck and his fiancé

Something I love to do around Christmas is decorate the house and put up the Christmas tree! And on Christmas, my whole family comes over for food, games, and quality family time, of course!


– Chuck Pavoni (chuckpcomics), Chicago
The Land of Bowie” / Pastry selfie!

It’s about 68 degrees here in sunny Tel Aviv. I’m enjoying the holiday spirit of Hanukkah, in all its carb and powdered sugar glory. Yum. Happy holidays to everyone!


– Moran Barkai, Tel Aviv
Punk’d” by Expo / Posadas celebration

In Mexico, we have nine-day ‘Posadas.’ They reenact Mary and Joseph’s difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of shelter. In Spanish, the word means “lodging.’ Traditionally, a party is held each night in a neighborhood home. At dusk, guests gather outside the house with children dressed as Shepherds, angels, and Mary and Joseph. The travelers sing a song asking for shelter, and the hosts sing a reply, opening the doors and offering hot ponche (drink) and fried rosette cookies. The party ends with a piñata in the shape of a Christmas star.

– Jorge Lopez (Expo), Guadalajara, Mexico
NES Cartridge Love” by Gintron / Gintron with his agency Christmas Carol Competition winning rap group

My favourite tradition is staying home on Christmas day – no traveling/visiting etc. Just lounging with my wife, kids, prezzies, and a couple drinks. Cheers!


– Nicholas Ginty (Gintron), South Central Ontario Canada
There’s Plenty of Fish” by Otto

Our family Christmas tradition is to get a new Christmas tree from the nearby forest and gorge ourselves with traditional Christmas food like lye fish, several different styles of casseroles, and a huge piece of ham. We gain 5 extra kilos and promise ourselves that we won’t do it again next year. Because I’m not home, I took a selfie at a pre-Christmas party.

– Otto Raila (OHAukusti)
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