– The wisdom of the great Kung Fu Master Po

Well whaddya know: the world’s new baby panda Bei Bei arrived just in time for the release of Kung Fu Panda 3, and for our Kung Fu Panda collection! It’s like he knew.

In honor of the release of this collection, we asked our artists to draw their spirit animal Kung Fu master. Check out their awesome creations and designs below. And tell us your spirit animal in the comments!

“The Shifu Scrolls” by David Baldwin

My spirit animal has always been the tiger. I’m drawn to the strength, beauty, and zen-like demeanor. All the big cats are great, but there’s something mystical and distinct about the tiger!



David Baldwin, Knoxville, TN


“Oogway Ascends”

I think I have a calm and quiet soul, could certainly be an owl…and I work much better at night!


Denilson, Florianópolis, Brazil


My spiritual animal is a hedgehog. I don’t know why but I just love hedgehogs since one of my favorite character is SONIC. Such an amazing character.



“I Eat When I’m Upset”

My spirit animal is a sloth. All I have to do is eat or sleep and I am happy.


Louise Hubbard, England
Noodle Fist” & “Dumpling” Winardi

A classy sketch…I mean, cat! : )



Winardi, Bandung


Secret Practice” & “Inner Peace” by Nicebleed

My spirit animal would be a Wolf. I simply love the calm and angry feature of their face.


Nicebleed, Cebu City


“Masters Attack!” by Mr. Wayne


For me, it’s the Owl because it’s a pledge of wisdom and knowledge and I would like to turn my head in 270 degrees without breaking my neck!



Mickaël Rabin (aka Mr.Wayne), Gorges, France
“Enter the Dragon Warrior” by JP Coovert

My spirit animal is probably a rat. I love junk food and working in the dark. I was born in ’84, so my Chinese Zodiac is the rat too!


JP Coovert


“Po The Kung Fu Panda” by Jemae

Elee is the perfect animal I want to be associated with. Smart, strong and loyal.

To me they seems similar to human, with emotions of love, joy, jealousy and sadness.



Noor Azman Mohd Zain (aka Jemae), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


“Po Ink” by Sedki

It wasn’t an easy job to discover my spirit animal. I did many quizzes and many of them were pointing to the deer. But my spirit animal is the owl.





“Skadoosh” by Daniel Arzola

I have a weird spirit animal I think. It’s a one-eyed bunny because having one eye makes you different and being different makes you cool and adds more awesomeness.



Kris Gutierrez
“Fun-The” by Roger Oliva

Panda, simply because it has a warrior-like attitude that never quits any battle. Just like myself.



Roger Oliva, Iriga City, Philippines

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