Where Do You Go to Get Your Creativity Flowing?

They say you never know when inspiration will strike. But you also never know where inspiration will strike.

From the vast, serene forest to the vast, not-so-serene internet, where artists go to get in the art zone varies as much from artist to artist as their designs and styles. This week, we asked our artists where all they go to get their creativity flowing. Check out their answers below!

Have a place you go to get in the zone? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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“UFO Watchers” by Aguvagu

When I feel blocked or when I work thoroughly for a long time I always go to my little hideaway. It’s in the industrial area of my city, at the end of it, where abandoned factories give way to the wild. There is not a soul. Here the time stops except for nature that slowly going covering the vestiges of man, making it disappear under the leafy branches and green leaves. It’s also a spectacular place to disconnect, reflect, shoot some pictures or take a nap.


Agu Luque (Aguvagu), Córdoba, Spain
“Control Dots” by speakerine

I like to go deep in the forest, sit down, and think. Ideas come from trees.


Florent Bodart (speakerine), Cucuron
“Coffee Shop Neon Sign” by rodrigobhz

I like to go to a vintage ’80s Chinese coffee shop near to my house that serves a super fresh and delicious seafood barbecue.


Rodrigo Ferreira (rodrigobhz), Belo Horizonte/Brazil
“Once Golden” by hisartwork

Although I do not really have a special place to go to, I do spend a lot of time at home with my wife and our dog, and we’ve been blessed with a beautiful yard and a pool where I spend a lot of my time and I do get a lot of work done there.



Joseph Baum (hisartwork) Miami, Florida
“Synchronize” by Evan Luza

I enjoy going to the coffee shop and browsing the web for inspiration, taking aimless walks around the city and of course, nature!


Evan Luza, Atlanta, GA
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