Which Fictional Universe Would You Most Want to Live in?

Let’s be real: reality is overrated. I mean don’t get me wrong, I could do “which Hogwarts House would you be in?” quizzes and play the Batman: Arkham VR game over and over again for days…but being able to live in one of those universes for a bit would be way cooler.

So we asked all of our artists who had designs printed in August; if they could live in one fictional universe, which would it be?

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A Vegan Horror Story

I would love to live in and explore Avatar’s world, Pandora. Then after that, I want to transfer to Guardians of the Galaxy‘s crazy universe and finally meet Groot!



Ged Works (@gedsalazargarcia)
All Booked Up

I’d like to spend some time as a Hobbit in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Being a short, curly haired guy who eats seven meals a day would be a welcome respite from being a short, curly haired guy who eats seven meals a day.



David Olenick (@DRO72)
I Can See the Sea

I would like to know Asgard – the planet where Thor comes from.



Sebastian (@sebasebi)
Dead Inside

If I could live in one fictional universe, I would live in Jurassic Park. That’s the first thing that came to my mind.




Kaiju Battle Play

I want to live in the awesome fictional universe of Aang or Korra, because elemental benders are so cool and I want to master the four elements.



Pigboom Kaboom (@pigboom2014)

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