Which Peanuts Design is the Final Winner?

Drumroll please… after a three month challenge, 1,038 amazing submissions, 227,393 votes, and 20 printed designs, it’s time to announce our last and final winnerPEANUTS_smallbanner_newstyle from our Peanuts challenge! Hailing from southwest England and aided by his girlfriend Lucy’s childhood obsession with Snoopy, artist Rick Crane secured the third victory with his design “He’s a Wild Dog”. Read on to learn more about Rick, and shop his winning tee here!

The winning design: “He’s a Wild Dog” by Rick Crane!

Congratulations on your winning “He’s a Wild Dog” for our Peanuts challenge! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thanks so much Threadless, I still can’t believe I won! I currently live in rural Somerset, in southwest England. Much of my work life is spent in front of a computer as a graphic designer/illustrator, but in an attempt to stay healthy, I also work part time in countryside management and for a Tipi company. I love nature, peace, and quiet (when I can get it with 3 kids and two dogs!).

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Have you always been a big Peanuts fan?

My girlfriend Lucy was obsessed with Snoopy as a child and that has made an impression on the whole household, with much memorabilia handed down to the kids; books, annuals, DVDs, Snoopy teddies, etc. (they are so excited about the Peanuts swag pack!). I never read the comics or watched the cartoons as a child, but have grown to love Snoopy and Woodstock in particular as an adult.

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What do you love most about the comic?

I really appreciate the sense of humour, the slow, almost mundane pace, along with the underlying morals.

Why do you believe the art of Peanuts has had such an iconic quality?

I feel the characters, their environment, and the storylines are easy for people to identify with. The simplistic visual style also helps to give it a wide appeal. (They are quite easy to draw, even if you are not that good at drawing.) Snoopy really is the star of the show though, and seems to carry the rest of the cast along.

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What different ideas did you consider when thinking about a direction for this design?

I had a few ideas with perhaps stronger concepts behind them, but this one just looked really nice in my head.

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How did you come up with and decide on the final concept?

In truth it was my girlfriend’s idea. Generally in my household, Threadless is viewed as an unhealthy obsession, but she did show particular interest in this challenge, asking “Why don’t you draw Snoopy in a natural landscape sleeping on top of his tent, in your sort of style?”

Would you mind taking us through the process of this design? (Feel free to share any WIP’s, if possible!)

I usually do a pencil sketch and sometimes work in pen and ink before colouring up on the computer, but with this concept, I went straight to the screen.

I was a bit tired and overstretched at the time and was not sure about seeing it through. However, after posting the idea in the forum, I was filled with encouragement from the Threadless community (thanks so much Threadfriends!).

first draft presented to community
Rick’s first draft idea presented to the community

I struggled a bit with Woodstock’s head and then the idea of adding the scout hat came to me, which seemed to add more depth and humour to the story.

development of woodstock's head
The many phases of Woodstock

In what ways did the original style of Peanuts influence how you created the design?

Whilst using the classic image of Snoopy on top of his kennel, I really wanted to interpret the characters in my own style for this one; simplifying them further and making them more geometrical.

What do you think Snoopy’s ideal camping adventure would be?

I think a trip of great adventure where Snoopy does his very best to look good at all times.

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Any other shout-outs?

Thanks to my family and the Threadless community for putting up with me all these years! :P

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