Which Valentine’s Day Persona Best Fits You?

Love it or loathe it. There isn’t much in-between when it comes to people’s opinions on Valentine’s Day. Things like your relationship status, your personal history, and how much you crave chocolate usually dictate how much you’ll embrace the holiday. For fun, we picked Threadless designs that represent the different personality types you’ll encounter this time of the year. Which Valentine’s Day persona best fits you?

The Hopeless Romantic

They might get a little carried away with their romantic feelings, but it’s all in the name of love. You know, the kind of love you read about in fairy tales. If you’ve ever chased down a train to get one last glimpse of your lover before they leave town, you’re probably a hopeless romantic (from the 1920s). Catch your breath and let all those butterflies in your stomach fly free with designs like “Hike and Love” by Quilimo or “I Love You a Latte” by Lauren Corene.

The Person Who Says Valentine’s Day is a Capitalist Scam to Sell Chocolate and Hallmark Cards

I mean, they have a point. The central focus of Valentine’s Day is to buy a nice gift for your significant other. Flowers. Jewelry. A brand-new pickup truck with low monthly payments (processing fees not included, down payment required). Show your disdain for the corporate elite with a shirt such as “Capitalism Games” by Manos. But remember, you still have to explain to your partner why you didn’t get them a gift. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Proud to Be Single

“To love others, you must first love yourself,” reads an unattributed quote from a meme I liked on Instagram this morning. Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the worst thing in the world. In fact, it gives you a reason to indulge in some quality me-time. Book a spa day. Binge-watch your favorite show. Scream “LOVE ISN’T REAL” into your pillow. Let everyone know you’re more than content being solo with designs like “Valentine’s Day Means Pizza” by YouEffect.

The Long-Term Lovebirds

Kudos to the lucky folks who fit this Valentine’s Day persona. Love is a battlefield, yet they’ve fostered an unbreakable bond that has survived the test of time. And they’re adorable, like when Grandma and Grandpa dance to their favorite record in the living room. I’m not crying. YOU’RE crying. Let’s celebrate love that lasts forever with designs such as “My Bear Valentine” by Tobe Fonseca and “Two Hands” by Ninhol.

The New Couple in That Awkward Beginning Phase

They’ve only been together for two and a half weeks, and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Do they even bother buying each other gifts? Is a heart-shaped box of chocolates too strong of a message? I mean, are they even ready to use the “L” word? Am I too invested in this hypothetical couple I just made up? If you’re currently in that beginning phase of a relationship, break the awkward tension with a funny shirt like Hillary White Rabbit’s “Shockward.”

The Doomed to Be Single Forever

When you’re striking out in the dating scene, it’s easy to feel disheartened and self-conscious about all your little quirks. But in reality, those quirks are what make you unique, and they might just be what attracts the attention of your next flame. Love sneaks up on you when you least expect it. So be patient and embrace your weird with designs like “I Sleep with My Cats” by EduEly or “The Social Notwork” by DRO72.

The Candy Connoisseur

This Valentine’s Day persona has one true love, and it’s coated in chocolate and has a nougat filling. They’ve rationed their Halloween candy for long enough, and now it’s time for them to re-up on the good stuff. The pink and red M&Ms, the conversation hearts, the Hershey’s Kisses. Don’t even mention Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts. If you’ve ever considered getting into a new relationship just for the Valentine’s Day candy, artist Tobe Fonseca made “Unicorn Anatomy Sweet Inside” just for you.

The Recent Breakup

Have you ever wanted to put your tender heart in a blender and watch it spin around to a beautiful oblivion? That’s what a bad breakup will do to you. If you’re going through the throes of heartbreak, don’t forget that you’re human. Let yourself feel all the feelings, even the sad ones. You’ll appreciate your next relationship so much more. But in the meantime, let the catharsis begin with designs such as “Loveless” by PlasticGhost and “Heart Asking for Help While Imprisoned in a Rib Cage” by rreichmann.

No matter your Valentine’s Day persona, we hope you spend the holiday with the people you appreciate the most. In the meantime, explore our eclectic collection of artist-made designs for any occasion. Each time you purchase anything, you put money directly in the pocket of the independent artist who created the design. And you might just fall in love with their art!

The designs featured at the top of this post are “Emotionally Unavailable” by cecececececelia and “My Bear Valentine” by Tobe Fonseca.

Rafael Velez

Copywriter at Threadless. Lover of thin-crust pizza, heavy metal, and B horror movies. Food source for a husky and two cats.