Who Let the (Office) Doggos Out?

Happy “Take Your Dog to Work Day”! The holiday where even if you don’t have a K9 friend to bring to work, you get to spend 9-5 surrounded by doggos – everybody wins! But if we’re being honest, here at Threadless, pretty much everyday is take your dog to work day. Because not only are our office dogs adorable – they’re some of our most professional models.

Meet the dogs of Threadless below! And go pet a dog today.

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Chances are high that you’ve seen this little muppet gracing the Threadless homepage and our Instagram many-a-time. Bandit – aka his stage name ‘banditdawgdawg’ – may be a tiny fuzzball, but he makes his presence very known, both in dramatics and a bark that is way bigger than his body or bite.

He’s become our expert model…and he knows it. Can you tell?

Bandit is definitely our most seasoned Threadless model, so he’s allowed to be a little bit of a diva. Plus, he’s adorable – how could we possibly mind?

Photos via @banditdawgdawg @niktah. He’s modeling “Edible” by Alex Solis on a fleece blanket, “Shark Movies” on a baby tee, and “There’s Plenty of Fish” by Otto Raila on a shower curtain.

Bandit is a very good boy. He gets 4/4 hotdogs:


Daisy’s modeling “Bitchin'” by beanepod.

Daisy is the newest addition to the Threadpack, but she fits right in (and rocks shades better than we could ever hope to.)

This adorable rescue hippo is best known for tossing her kong toy up in the air over and over trying to knock treats out of it (which is adorable to listen to on a quiet day at the office) and for staring deeply into your eyes when you pet her. Like, straight into your soul.

Photos via @hippodaisydog and @Threadless.

Daisy is a prime doggo. Amazing doggo. She gets 4/4 hotdogs, too:


Photo via @lxromero

Eazy is a forever puppy if you’ve ever seen one. He’s grown a lot since he first flopped around our office back when he could roam around the warehouse in our old space. But he’s gone from looking like a tiny puppy, to looking like a giant puppy. Which is something we’re very ok with. Never change, Eazy.

Eazy is the best boy. He gets 4/4 hot dogs; easy:


Murph proudly modeling “My Best Friend” by Ibrahim Dilek.

Murphy isn’t in the office a whole lot, but when he is? It’s a great day – because how can it not be with a giant teddy bear running around! His master also happens to be Threadmaster, Jake Nickell.

Murphy is the best living teddy bear. He gets 4/4 hot dogs:

Norman – The first Threaddog!

Perhaps the greatest doggo on this list, behold: the very first office dog of Threadless! Sadly, Norman is no longer with us (may he rest in peace and have endless treats to munch on), but his memory lives on forever at Threadless.

Norman was (and will forever be) a most wonderful boy. He gets 5/4 hot dogs.


Budgie claiming “The Mountains Are Calling” by Budi Satria Kwan on a tote and “Papa Oso” by Constanza on a mug. Photo via @Threadless, Budgie’s presence via @katielukes, and even more budgie at @budgieandbowie.

I know, I know…you may have already figured this out, but Budgie isn’t a dog. However, as our second most seasoned Threadmodel, there’s no way there’s going to be a post about Threadless dogs without this guy. Plus, he’s ridiculously cute.

Budgie is a great dog. He gets 4/4 carrots.

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