Who Run the World? Happy International Women’s Day!

How awesome is it that International Women’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year for the ultimate #WomanCrushWednesday? While this is a day to celebrate all of womankind, our #WCW has naturally gotta be dedicated to some badass female artists who “nevertheless stayed artistic”, and art that celebrates ladypower.

So in honor of International Women’s Day, here are some awesome ladies with Artist Shops (as well as a few designs by dudes that are fabulously feminist) and designs that celebrate and empower women. ‘Cause females are strong as hell.

.     .     .

“Warrior Princess” | Pleasantries’ Artist Shop

“Bad Ass Babes Club” | Smuug’s Artist Shop

“Tears of My Enemies” | DVRKSHINES’ Artist Shop

“Purrrsist!” | Vó Maria’s Artist Shop

“ReSisters” | It Must Be a Sign’s Artist Shop

“This XX Has Claws” | Howling With Wolves Designs’ Artist Shop

“Feminist (Silver)” | Anna McKay’s Artist Shop

“She Persisted” | Sunshine Design’s Artist Shop

“Unite” | Michael J hilde Brand’s Artist Shop

“Presidential” | Guhraze’s Artist Shop

“Yaaas Queen” | Cheery Human Studios’ Artist Shop

“Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda” | Capt. Midnight’s Artist Shop

“Earth” | Ellie Roussos’ Artist Shop

“Kung Fu Uterus” | I Heart Guts’ Artist Shop

“Empower” | Satruntwins’ Artist Shop

“Resist – A Shirt Inspired by the Indivisible Guide” | Indivisible’s Artist Shop

“Michelle Obama” | Badass Women on Tees’ Artist Shop

“Nevertheless, She Persisted” | Sarah Becan’s Artist Shop

Know of any awesome female artists or female-empowering designs that we missed? Post ’em in the comments!


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