Who Would Win in a Fight Between Punisher and The Winter Soldier?

This year, we’ve seen a lot of Marvel characters go head-to-head for epic face-offs. Daredevil vs Punisher on Netflix, Iron Man vs Captain America in Civil War on the big screen, Deadpool vs Hamilton lyrics in the comic books (seriously).

So naturally, when our Marvel Challenge winners (so far) are Punisher and The Winter Soldier, we want to know what would happen if they ever got in a fight.

We asked “Winter Attack” artists Goliath72 and ndrue182 and “Punisher is Here” artists Goliath72 (again!) and Kooky Love who would win in a battle between these ice cold characters, and also about their collaborations. Check out their answers below.

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“Winter Attack” by Goliath72 and ndrue182

Daniel Arzola (Goliath72) and Andri Maulana (ndrue182) | “Winter’s Attack”


Are you both MARVEL fans?


Goliath72: Yes I am a huge Marvel Fan!! More than DC thanks to X-men and Spider-Man.

ndrue182: Yes, I love marvel characters a lot. It’s just, I do not know much about the characters’ stories in the comics because when I was younger, we could not buy a lot of comics.

In a fight between The Winter Soldier and Punisher, who do you think would win and why?


Goliath72: I’ll have to go with the Punisher. He once did kill the entire Marvel Universe, including Captain America who is far superior to Winter Soldier.

ndrue182: Daniel said that The Punisher once killed The Marvel Universe, but I think the Winter Soldier still has the power of resistance. Although in the end he still might lose :(


Who’s your favorite Marvel character?


Goliath72: My Favorite Marvel character is actually Wolverine

ndrue182: IRON MAN.

What MARVEL character showdown would you most want to see?


Goliath72: Wolverine vs. Black Panther. Both are great fighters with mad skills!! It’s a hard choice who would win, but I’ll go with the slight edge to Wolverine because he’s my favorite character.

ndrue182: The Showdown between Iron Man and Deadpool. This will be very funny and adorable, and of course will be very exciting. I don’t know who would win.

What was it like collaborating on this piece? How did you split up the work?


“Power Unite”

Goliath72: It’s always great working with Andri and this piece was no
different. Like all my other Collaborations I am the Idea Guy. I provided Andri with a few concepts including this one with details and he went to town. We emailed back and forth to make sure it was going the right direction for both of our taste and we ended up with this amazing Winter Soldier piece.

ndrue182: As stated by Daniel, he was the brains behind it all! I often collab with Daniel, but don’t when I am chased by a deadline on other work or I have to go out of town. Sometimes I have to ask Daniel to make some sketches, so I understand what he wants. We still talk about the design throughout the process for the best result.

How did you balance your styles and creative choices?


Goliath72: Andri is so talented and we’ve worked together a lot since our Power Rangers print so we have a great working relationship. I also develop my ideas based on the particular artist’s style.

ndrue182: This challenge made me a little doubtful because I was afraid that Daniel wouldn’t like my style for this design. I know he’s always appreciative and understanding of what I have done for him.

Finally…team Cap or team Stark?


Goliath72: It’s all about Team Captain America because my wife thinks he is sexy.

ndrue182: Team Stark, Go Iron Man.

“The Punisher is Here” by Goliath72 and Kooky Love

Daniel Arzola (Goliath72) and Dina Prasetyawan (Kooky Love) | “The Punisher is Here” 


Are you both MARVEL fans?


Kooky Love: Yes, I personally liked the comics since childhood. I didn’t really know Marvel at that time. I knew Marvel when I was a teen. In fact, I admit my drawing style is somewhat affected by the line style of marvel comics. Pull line drawings with end stroke tends to taper. I am a fan of Marvel. Their superhero characters are amazing, unique and powerful.

In a fight between The Winter Soldier and Punisher, who do you think would win and why?


Kooky Love: Punisher wins. Winter Soldier is a bad dude, but Punisher has this one. Better equipment and skills. This fight probably won’t get to close combat and if it does, punisher is a master when it comes to the knife. And a knife to the face and Bucky is dead. Like I said, he is going to get close enough to use his arm and if he does, Punisher has his knife. Punisher has a way cooler name, too. “Frank Castle” just SCREAMS badass. Punisher still has much more experience fighting in the the battle. Punisher has what it takes to win because he MUST win.

Who’s your favorite Marvel character?


Kooky Love: My favorite Marvel character is Spider-man & Hulk.


What MARVEL character showdown would you most want to see?


Kooky Love: I want to see showdown of Iron Man VS Deadpool. Or…between Spider-man and Deadpool.

What was it like collaborating on this piece? How did you split up the work?


Kooky Love: I felt challenged by this collaboration. Daniel Arzola is a good collaboration partner. He gave me a good narrative brief of a great idea. He is the kind of patient partner. He understood my busy life and didn’t try to rush me for the sake of best design results.

We divide the work as follows:

  • Daniel gave me ideas and rough sketches (based on my request, which I regret later, LOL)
  • I do drawing in the night (at my local time). He can monitor the development of my work. Because on Daniel’s side, it’s during the day.
  • Daniel always gave me support from a distance and was influential in the design process. He is always ready to provide assistance if I got the technical issues.

I’ve won in the previous Marvel contest. But for this time, a bit different because I really have to develop the idea of Daniel’s brief. Not the kind of sketch that was ready to be executed. But I really enjoyed the new experiences from this collaboration.

“Hulk in the City” by Kooky Love

Goliath72: It was fun to collaborate and watch this design come alive. It involved late night messenger conversations because of the time difference. Like I mentioned before, I’m the ‘idea guy’ in these collaborations. I provided Dina with some ideas and he chose one – he asked for a rough sketch. It gave him a great visual and we went on from there. We spent late nights and early mornings chatting, bouncing ideas back and forth to make sure it was what we wanted.

How did you balance your styles and creative choices?


Kooky Love: It so happens that I am pleased with the Marvel comic style illustrations. So I didn’t find too much difficulty in doing the design. I just asked Daniel about this, “What color scheme do you want? Marvel comic colorful or Black and white like Sin City?” Daniel answered, “Sin City would be cool too but I like Marvel color. I was thinking to do Marvel color comic book feel. What do you think?”


Goliath72: I’ve always been a huge fan of Kooky Love and have asked for years to collaborate with him. Im just honored he agreed to collab with me. This was only our 3rd collab and I am happy we are getting printed. His style is just amazing and to be able to see my concept brought to life was rewarding. I own his Hulk and Thor prints, so I knew if I could at least have an idea that he liked, it would have a chance to win this challenge.

Finally…team Cap or team Stark?


Kooky Love: Team Stark!

Goliath72: Team Captain America – my wife thinks he is sexy.


Different opinion on who would win? Chime in in the comments! 


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