Who’s your favorite cartoon character of all time?

Let’s be real – cartoons are for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your favorite cartoon was Rugrats because you grew up watching it, Spongebob because it defined your teen years, or Adventure Time now as an adult; you’re never too old for cartoons.

In honor of our Adventure Time collection launching, we asked our artists this week who their favorite cartoon character of all time is. Check out their answers below!

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“Nature! Live!” by Gintron & Shadyjibes

Never watched cartoons as a kid, but I’ve discovered some later in life and I love “Leopold “Butters” Stotch” from South Park! He will be my favorite character even after I discover more amazing cartoon characters. And I also love “Linus” from Peanuts!

Gulshan Kishor (Shadyjibes), Gaya (India)
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“Take a Pitcher” by Gintron

Ren Hoëk is my favourite cartoon character of all time. That could be solely based on the final sequence of the episode ‘Svën Höek’. Is it the best animated scene of all time? Might be – check it out!

“Dogtor” by obinsun

Bobby Hill. “God dang it, Bobby!”


Joel Robinson (obinsun)
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“Kind of Best Dad?” by Beanepod

OMG….that’s like asking me to choose my favorite most awesome thing in the world ever of all time. I lived on cartoons as a kid and now that I have kids of my own I get the excuse to keep watching them. No way can I pick just one so here’s my sort of short list:  Bugs & Daffy, Hong Kong Phooey, Snagglepuss, Ren & Stimpy, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Pizza Steve, Tree Trunks…(head explodes).



Perry Beane (BeanePod)
“Spectrum Bomb” by chuckpcomics & badbugs_art

“So many great ones to choose from, but my favorite is Buzz Lightyear! Or was it Mrs. Nesbitt!?


Chuckpcomics, Chicago

…my fav.  cartoon character of all time is the Road Runner from Chuck Jones. He is a super flippant funny character, always makes good moods. ^^ mehhp meheep!!!  

Philipp Rietz (badbugs_art)
“Marceline and the Vampire King” by Roovette12

I have a lot of cartoon and anime characters I like because of the progression of their personalities through their respective narratives. But lately, Marceline of Adventure Time really catches my attention. Her backstories, personality and character development every season and comic issues interests me a lot. There’s a lot of potential storyline and fanart that can be applied to her character development. She’s that flexible.


Roovette Santos (Roovette12), Metro Manila, Philippines
“Ice Kingdom Pianist” by weird&co

I always loved Wile E. Coyote. He is a villain, he may be a complete loser who fails in every episode, but he never give up on his dream to catch the roadrunner. And I especially admire his huge creativity to invent silly traps and weapons again and again and again. And again.



Vincent Caduc (weird&co), Vannes, France
“Kings Cup” by uptme

My favourite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny. He is so smart yet funny, combining the cleverness in solving problems in critical situations with the fun side of the cartoon field. Bugs bunny can dress as any character and imitate him or her in exact same style giving his own personal touch. Nevertheless he is one of the oldest cartoon characters that played an important role in this field. His smart clever copy writings approaches like “what’s up, dock” had showed as well a minimal advertising lesson.

I think no one beats Bugs Bunny on his cuteness and cleverness.


Wacharapong Sisapon (uptme), Bangkok, Thailand
“Music Time” by Graja

My list is endless, It is very difficult to choose one but lately I really like Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty.”


Eduardo San Gil (Graja), Barcelona
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“My Best Friend” by Idilek

Wile E. Coyote is probably my favorite Toons Character. Like his inventions even if those are not successful ones.

Ibrahim Dilek (Idilek) Turkey
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“The Cat and the Koi” by Ronin84

A lot of cartoons that I liked, but my favorite is the Ren and Stimpy, I like the character design, illustration style, and silliness them both.


Ronin Lapanpat (Ronin84)
Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.24.52 AM
“Maja’s Rock Tee Shirt” by quick brown fox

A tough question, as I lived on cartoons as a kid. I loved all them all Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, The Jetsons, Road Runner. There are a couple of European ones I liked, Danger Mouse, Watoo Watoo, The Trapdoor, Vicky the Viking, Bod, Willo the Wisp, The Moomins. Even now I’ll watch animations, from the old classics to new ones like Adventure Time and the Studio Ghibli masterpieces. I could go one for ages, I loved animation and wanted to work in the industry until I discovered how hard it is! If I had to pick one, I’d pick the The Moog out of Willo the Wisp. He was a very stupid dog type thing.


John (quick brown fox) Cheshire, UK
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