Will You Brie My Valentine?

Remember the good ‘ol days as kids where the only pressure on Valentine’s Day was to make the sickest Valentine’s mailbox out of a decorated shoebox and to give out the cleverest cards? That was the life.

While we can’t recruit the Threadcommunity to gather with homemade cardboard mailboxes and exchange hand-drawn Valentines (although, can you imagine??), we can still spread the love! So roses are red, violets are blue, we’ve got a few punderful Valentines inspired by Threadless designs for you! Hope you heart them!

.     .     .

Are you Zelda? Because I’m pretty sure we’re linked.

I like you more than butts. And I really like butts.

Can we Van Gogh out sometime? Because you’ve made quite the post-impression on me.

Let’s make out.

In Queso you didn’t know, it would be Gouda if you would Brie my Valentine!

Are you Cthulhu? Because you’re pretty fhtagn awesome. No, R’lyeh.

Set phasers to stunning.

You cat possibly be koi about how awesome you are!

I like you for your brains.

Do you play RPGs? Because WoW.

You got my heart burstin’ right outta my chest.

I don’t have to wrestle with my feelings for you.

It would be Samwise to Gimli your heart this Valentine’s Day, precious.

ilu v much, tbh…k thx, bai.

Feeling punny? Leave your own design-inspired Valentine in the comments! xoxo

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