You Can Take 3 Things to a Desert Island – What Do You Choose?

Ahhh yes, a timeless question with endless answers. If only it were a dessert island…

In honor of this week’s new, outdoorsy and fantastical designs, we asked our artists what three things they would take with them to a desert island.

Check out their answers below. And leave your answers in the comments!

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“Campfire Tradition” by 5eth

I’d want to have Gar Forman, John Paxson, and Jerry Reinsdorf. I’d be stuck on a desert island with them…but the Bulls would end up with a better Front Office & owner!


Seth Bensusen (5eth) | Bakersfield, CA
“Outdoors & S’mores” by cabinsupplyco

Assuming I can’t take any people, I would take 1. A big, good book, 2. Being originally from Scotland a big, good bottle of whiskey, 3. For practical purposes a big, good knife.


Jack Faulkner (cabinsupplyco) | Wellington, New Zealand
“Whiskey on the Rocks” by Aguvagu

Sometimes you have to be practical, so I choose a good knife, a portable water maker, and one of the survival guides written by Bear Grylls. However, I believe the latter would be enough.


Agu Luque (Aguvagu) | Córdoba, Spain.
“Size Matters” by Gamma-Ray

Hmmm…A Lighter with lots of gas to keep refilling it. I think it would be impossibly hard to start a fire “caveman” style. A swiss army knife could come in handy for so many things. Being the big music fan that I am, a portable CD player with some CDs would be essential. (Assuming the batteries would have infinite power, haha)


Grant Shepley (Gamma-Ray) | Johannesburg
“Tiger Skull” by Dead But Cool

So I am Brian Lamoureux from Mauritius Island, yeah I know, no one knows about Mauritius Island, but it’s not a myth, we do exist. In fact I am already on a desert island. :) So what 3 things I would want to have… 1) I think a box of matches – cuz I hate the dark, 2) A knife maybe, and finally, a picture of those that I care the most, to give me strength to keep going.


Dead But Cool | NYC


Featured image is DJ Geisha by Ronin84

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