You Have to Follow “SUE the T-Rex” on Twitter (Seriously)

When it comes to having mad Twitter skills, you would think you’d need arms long enough to reach a keyboard to actually slay the social media game. But one Twitter T-Rex is proving us oh-so wrong. Because as Jeff Goldblum totally said in Jurassic Park, “Tweets, uh, find a way.” Meet Chicago’s own SUE the T-Rex (although, the short-arms thing still stands…Exhibit A and B…no ‘museum exhibit’ pun intended:)

(Left: “Dino Hug” by Lim Heng Swee (@ilovedoodle) and “Lend a Hand” by Cody Weiler (@csweiler) & Gulshan Kishor (@Shadyjibes)

If you’re not familiar with SUE the T-rex, 1: book a flight or road trip it to Chicago immediately and 2: spend a day at the Field Museum gazing upon her glorious form. Because the world’s largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton is right here in our own fair city! And fun prehistoric fact: herbivores aren’t the only thing that T-rexes slay at. Check it out:

Birds may have evolved from dinosaurs, but this T-rex is slaying the Twitter bird at its own game. SUE’s claim to Twittersphere fame came in the form of a Dungeons and Dragons game the Rex started up fully on Twitter. Like, a full-fledged game.

It got gloriously nerdy on the science side of things and on the Dungeons and Dragons side of things. And for that, we thank you, SUE.

Then most recently, SUE jumped back into a spotlight after a showdown with Merriam-Webster. MW threw some serious shade in the direction of our favorite Therapod.

This Rex is so worth a follow. Besides DnD campaigns and getting in virtual fights with the sassiest dictionary around, you can also catch hilarious tweets on the daily that mix Field Museum news updates, fun prehistoric facts (and just hilarious prehistoric tweets in general), and epic ongoing hatred towards velociraptors.

Follow this glorious twitter account for ALL the lols. And if you’re actually headed to Chicago and want to see SUE IRL, hurry! She’ll be taken down in February for a bit of a bony makeover, so catch her while she’s still greeting visitors in the doorway of the museum.

Don’t have any T-Rex swag to rock? We got you, bb

Featured image courtesy of The Field Museum. Thanks to Chicagoist for the info!

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