You’ll Never Guess Who Almost Voiced Shrek

We all grew up loving Shrek. What started as a lovable character for us as kids became our spirit animal as we grew up into solitary, ogre-grumpy semi-adults (just me?)

But the big green Scottish guy was almost a very different onion with a few extra layers.

Apparently, the late SNL alum Chris Farley (*pours one out for my favorite comedic actor gone too soon*) was not only signed on for the Dreamworks hit – the character was designed for him.

Courtesy of the video below, headshot courtesy of Wikipedia, SNL

It’s hard to imagine Shrek voiced by anyone else, and luckily you don’t have to. A recording of Farley voicing his version of Shrek was leaked, and illustrates (literally) a very different version of the sensitive Ogre.

Farley’s Shrek was “a little bit more like Chris,” Farley’s brother Kevin said. “like a humble, bumbling, innocent guy.”

And that totally comes across in the clip, Shrek seeming more like a Wreck it Ralph type character before Wreck it Ralph was a thing.

Farley had recorded 80-90% of the dialogue for the movie before his death in ’97, and it’s lucky that we got to see behind the curtain of what his Shrek could have been…although I’m a little disappointed that he wasn’t an ogre-man livin’ in a van down by the river.

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