Your Guide to Fall Decor: 8 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home

Summer is as good as over. Beaches are closing, kids are back in school, and trees are ready to shed their leafy toupees. If you’ve been longing for that first leaf to fall, then you’re probably already thinking about redecorating your home for the upcoming season. The gourd news is that Threadless has enough fall home decor to fill a whole dang pumpkin patch.

Transitioning your home between seasons is easier than you’d think. New pillows, an art print here, an area rug there can go a long way in switching up the vibes of any room. It all comes down to the look you’re going for. To help you refresh your living space, we’ve gathered eight distinct looks inspired by recent trends and traditional seasonal decor. Of course, each decoration you’ll see features an artist-made design you won’t find in your run-of-the-mill furniture retail store.

1. Spruce up your habitat with earthy, neutral colors.

With issues such as climate change and deforestation, you might be surprised to know that in 2021, Earth is totally in! Neutral tones such as brown, tan, stone, and taupe never go out of style. Add autumnal flavor to your living room with rich colors such as mustard, dark blues, and warm shades of red. If you’re curious what other hues are trending in interior design this year, take a look at this article by Livingetc.

2. Attract the eye with fetching fall patterns.

If your walls are painted in plain, understated hues like white or gray, a lively pattern can add a nice visual pop to the room. Buffalo plaid evokes the warm, cozy flannels we love to wear in brisk fall weather, while autumn leaves signal the change of seasons. These types of repeating patterns look especially great on fall home decor including throw pillows, rugs, and blankets.

3. Completely unplug with cottagecore.

Have you ever felt like burying your phone in the middle of a wheat field to keep from doomscrolling? Then you might want to surround yourself with art prints and other decor that give you peace and serenity. Cottagecore is an aesthetic that romanticizes an old-fashioned, simpler way of living, disconnected from the modern world. Pastoral landscapes, floral patterns, and woodland creatures are a few things that capture the spirit of cottagecore.

4. Get spooky, but not too scary.

If it were up to us, every day would be Halloween. If you’re just as infatuated with the spooky season as we are, deck out your home with all of the classic imagery you see every October. You know—black cats, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, skeletons. All the fun, campy stuff that makes you want to knock on a stranger’s door and demand they fill your pillowcase with candy.

5. Come inside and get cozy.

There are a lot of fun outdoor activities to do during harvest season. Hayrides. Pumpkin picking. Getting lost in a corn maze and asking a scarecrow for directions. But fall is also a time when people retreat indoors to recharge. Create your own rustic sanctuary with fall-themed blankets, throw pillows, and bedding that inspire you to settle in and relax.

6. Ring in the season of the witch.

The witchy aesthetic is as popular now as it has ever been. In modern times, witches represent a challenge to patriarchal narratives and are protagonists in recent movies and shows such as the Fear Street trilogy and Sabrina. Redecorate your home for the modern-day coven with spellbinding designs featuring pointy witch hats, spell books, and feminist messages.

7. Bring the great outdoors indoors.

Fall is the perfect time for outdoor recreation, particularly for those who don’t want to overheat or freeze. If you’re one of those outdoorsy folks, you can transform your bedroom to evoke sleeping under the stars. When searching for fall home decor, look for themes such as forests, hiking, and camping. If you really want to have fun, you could even hang a portrait of Bigfoot on your wall.

8. Make your house look haunting.

This style of fall home decor might not be the best if you expect to have houseguests. Unless you’ve summoned them with a ouji board. Our artist community adds new horror designs to our marketplace every day, so we have plenty of art that’ll make your home look like a literal nightmare. If you’re a horror superfan, send shivers down spines with the scariest, creepiest, most grotesque Halloween decor you can find.

The designs featured at the top of this post are “The Birches” by littleclyde and “Wildlife Observation” by maudieandma.

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