Your Guide to Spring Decor: Refresh Your Home for the Season

Spring is finally here. Soon, flowers will bloom and you’ll wake up every morning to birds chirping outside your window. You might think they’re serenading you, but they’re actually saying “DAMN. Clean your house!” Ugh…about that. Spring cleaning probably isn’t what excites you most about the season. But on the bright side, it gives you the perfect excuse to redecorate and invite new energy into your home. You might as well have fun picking out spring decor!

At Threadless, you’ll discover tons of unique decorations you won’t be able to find at any big-name furniture store that serves Swedish meatballs. Museum-quality art prints, premium rugs with slip-resistant backing, plush bath mats. These are just a few essentials from our catalog that help you add character to your home. Most importantly, these decorations feature incredible designs by artists who specialize in virtually every type of visual art. There’s a great chance you’ll find something that fits the specific style you’re aiming for. For inspiration, take a look at some of the most popular interior design trends this spring.

Plant seeds for good vibes to grow.

Add greens to your daily diet.

Depending on the climate where you live, springtime might still be a little too chilly for you to venture outside. But it sure is tempting when you see all the snow melt and the lush greenery beginning to grow. If you long for outdoor adventure, bring nature inside with plant designs that incorporate vibrant, natural hues.

Featured Designs: “Green Coastal Garden” Bath Mat by Moderntropical | “Botany Obsession” Shower Curtain by Trabu | “Mr. Cactus” Framed Fine Art Print by Jurjenbertens | “Leaves Pattern” Beach Towel by Anna-kazimi

Aim for calming and restorative.

What does your happy place look like? Most people want their home to feel like a retreat where they can reach a calm mental state. If you want your space to have a similar effect, surround yourself with spring decor that makes you feel relaxed and restored. Consider a palette of soft, neutral colors to mimic the tranquil environs of a spa.

Featured Designs: “Sun Worshipper” Framed Fine Art Print by The Paper Crane | “Inside Analog 2” Blanket by makapa | “Cat and Plant 9: Let’s Plant” Throw Pillow by ilovedoodle | “Circle Pink” Premium Rug by Kim10

Aim for calming and restorative.

Build a paradise for your pets.

Build a paradise for your pets.

One of the biggest recent interior design trends is “barkitecture.” If you enjoy spoiling your fur babies rotten like most pet parents, keep them in mind while redecorating your home. Transform their sleeping area into their own luxury bedroom where they can comfortably nap, purr, and game online with their pals. Add style to their corner of the house with pet designs made by fellow animal lovers.

Featured Designs: “Array of Siamese Cats” Premium Rug by Divafern | “Raining Cats and Dogs” Duvet by Benjimoji | “Every Day is Hug Your Dog Day” Throw Pillow by Fox Shiver | “Kitty Burger Bite” Acrylic Print by Popcornpunk

Awaken your senses.

For many people, winter is long and dreary. This makes it easy to slip into a mental funk where all you want to do is sleep the day away. Spring, on the other hand, is the light at the end of the tunnel. Reinvigorate yourself for the warm months ahead with the boldest, brightest colors you can find. Seeing those colors in the morning is like an extra shot of espresso. WOO!

Featured Designs: “Fox” Beach Towel by jclovely | “Golden State” Aluminum Print by BFAS22 Aluminum Print | “Midnight Garden” Shower Curtain by Laura O’Connor | “French Marigold Flower Vibrant Ink Drawing” Bath Mat by Azzza

Awaken your senses.

Teach a lesson in Dark Academia.

Teach a lesson in Dark Academia.

Over the last few years, Dark Academia has emerged from the dusty libraries of centuries-old universities and grown into its own internet subculture. Aesthetically, it’s the middle ground between preppy and goth, and has a distinct affinity for classical literature and art. If you enjoy books and have a taste for the dark and unusual, this style is the perfect vibe for your reading room or personal library.

Featured Designs: “Books Are Magical” Premium Rug  by TheIdleSheep | “Dancing Frogs” Fleece Blanket by RHershey Fleece Blanket | “Herbarium Dark” Framed Fine Art Print by IzPtica | “Books and Flower Pots on Bookshelves” by Space-Kitten

Take the path most traveled.

The spring season inspires lots of traditional home decor with floral patterns and pastel colors you’d see painted on an Easter egg. If that’s your jam, it’s perfectly okay to lean into those themes, even if they seem a little obvious. Floral designs give any room a fresh, energetic feel and celebrate the vibrant renewal the season brings.

Featured Designs: “Gerbera Daisy” Throw Pillow by Nic Squirrell | “W/ldflowers” Duvet by Dylmor | “Spring Teapot” Stretched Canvas by Gabi Toma | “Flower Black White Minimal” Premium Rug by Carol Salazar

Take the path most traveled.

Keep distractions to a minimum.

Appreciate the simple things in life.

One of the main objectives of spring cleaning is to declutter your home. When it comes to interior design, a minimalist aesthetic accomplishes the same thing—it reduces visual clutter. If you want to create an environment that makes it easier to focus and relax, choose spring decor with simple but fetching designs that won’t overwhelm the eye.

Featured Designs: “Lavender Flowers Beach Towel by Torrescesar | “Wild Flower” Framed Fine Art Print by ohshograceful | “Abstract Green Geometric Shapes” Shower Curtain by WhalesWay | “Face to Face” Bath Mat by Ninhol

Think of decor in the abstract.

Abstract decor is the more adventurous, outgoing cousin of minimalist decor. It’s not necessarily loud or chaotic, but it commands attention with its bold colors, geometric shapes, and dramatic contrast. It’s the focal point of the room. If you want to make a statement with your spring decor, choose abstract designs that have an imaginative flair.

Featured Designs: “Flower Faces” Stretched Canvas by Beetleinkco | “Sage Green Checkered Pattern” Blanket by Acidmit | “Yellow Minimal Arch Geometric” Premium Rug by Carol Salazar | “Red Flowers” Throw Pillow by The Gretest

Think of spring decor in the abstract.

While you’re redecorating your home for spring, don’t forget that every piece of decor you purchase at Threadless puts money in the pocket of the artist who created the design. Thank you for supporting independent artists around the world and also playing an essential role in our community’s mission to Make It Real.

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