Ziptember is BACK: How do You Hoodie?

The temps are dropping, the leaves are leaving (hehe), the pumpkin is spicing – it’s time for our favorite season of the year! What? Oh, fall, yes… but also, ZIPTEMBER! Whether you started breaking out your prized flannel in the 90-degree heat of August or you’re trying to staple all the green leaves back on the autumn-turned trees, the cozy season has begun. And that means it’s time for Threadless’ annual Ziptember sale – where our fall fleece goes on sale so you can get comfy in style (even our fall items are 40% off! We’re hardcore into this season…)

But while there is only one Ziptember, there are many ways to actually use your hoodie. Here are just a few clever ways to hoodie! And don’t forget to snag our new-and-improved super soft fleece (and fall items) while Ziptember is still on.

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The Secret Snacker

Clowns Are Funny” by Steven Rhodes on a zip-up hoodie

Hoods are bowl-shaped for more than just bowl cuts and your dome piece. If you want to reach the next level of lounging, use your hood as a snack bowl. Or, squirrel away snacks you will definitely not be sharing in your hood and hoodie pockets. Not that we do that… pay no attention to the Cheeto stains on this keyboard…

The Introvert Cocoon

I Tried” by Mathiole on a pullover hoodie.

“If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!” Ever hit that point where you’re just done socializing for the day? Say no more – literally! Nope right on out of any awkward social situation by turtling into your hoodie, pulling those drawstrings closed, and finding the ultimate comfort zone.  

Give it to Your VERY Good Boy or Girl

Kitty Tiki” by Pepe Rodriguez on a pullover hoodie.

You’ve bought your dog a dog bed, he prefers your cozy blanket. You’ve gotten him a toy, he prefers to play with your sock. Here’s the thing about dogs: they don’t want their own stuff, they want to be with you and your stuff all the time. So sub that un-used dog bed for a hoodie your doggo can curl up in.

Laundry Day

Nothing Matters” by Cody Weiler

You’ve re-worn that same pair of jeans six times this week. You’ve started turning your underwear inside out. My friend… it’s time. If you’re so low on laundry that you have to wear jeans that are several sizes too big, use your hoodie as a belt, dig out your laundry bag, and for the sake of us all, head to the laundromat.

Just to Get Cozy

Coffee Makes my Day” on a mug.

Some people call fall Pumpkin Spice season. Some call it Halloween season. But if you ask us, this is the cozy season. Get all wrapped up in a sponge fleece hoodie like it’s a blanket with arms and pockets, pour yourself the first hot beverage of the season in a super cool mug, and cozy up to your favorite TV show.

See what fleece is on sale! 

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