Collection: Know About “Know Tomorrow”?

You’ve heard the saying, “Earth” without “art” is just “eh.” Very true…both literally and figuratively.

But if we don’t take care of earth, there won’t be a place for art anymore…or a place for “eh” for that matter.

“Know Tomorrow” is the student-powered climate reality project that’s bring “art” back to “earth”. From Threadless artists designing shirts for them, to the great Shephard Fairey (the dude who does the OBEY and Obama ‘Change’ posters) designing an awesome Know Tomorrow poster (above), Know Tomorrow is spreading awareness on how to save our beautiful earth through beautiful artwork.

We talked to Know Tomorrow a little bit to hear more about their designs and their message:

Tell me a little bit about “Know Tomorrow”.

Know Tomorrow is a student led campaign aiming to unify, synchronize, and amplify students’ voices speaking out on climate change. Climate change is the defining issue of the millennial generation, and their voice matters.

“4 Degrees” – Rick Crane for Know Tomorrow

One thing that I love about your shirts is that they promote fighting climate change and Know Tomorrow, but they’re also just cool looking designs – not too promote-y. Who designs your collection?

We were lucky enough to have access to a handful of talented Threadless artists for the designs.

The 4 Degrees shirt stood out to me in particular. 

That one is my favorite!


You have your “Day of Action” on October 2nd – what’s this event all about?

October 2nd is our National Day of Action, where students from 60+ campuses will all be doing their own thing around the topic of climate change. The events vary – some schools are doing a 2-hour event on the quad, some are doing a 10-hour run of show, there’s a “Run Like There’s Know Tomorrow” event at Georgetown. University of Dayton is hosting an ice cream social. There are so many cool things planned. And the best part is that this all came from the students themselves.

“Oh planet, you understand me”

Has Know Tomorrow done any other events?

This is our inaugurate event, with October 2nd being the launch.

Your name “Know Tomorrow” has a clever double meaning – how did you come up with that? 

Our founder Wendy Abrams was speaking to her son’s friend, who was in college, and he siad that he felt he knew too much about climate change, that we were too far gone, that he was just going to live in the mountains or go back to his frat and party like there’s no tomorrow. But they discussed that power lies within knowledge, and what if we put action in KNOW TOMORROW so that we can ensure change and empower youth? Otherwise, there is NO TOMORROW.

"Tales of Tomorrow" - Robson Borges for Know Tomorrow
“Tales of Tomorrow” – Robson Borges for Know Tomorrow

How will buying a shirt help people help the Know Tomorrow cause? 

While the t-shirts aren’t heavily branded, it will help awareness and a portion of the proceeds will help us cover operating costs of the campaign.

Coolest way to spread awareness ever

How can people get involved?

Easy! go to www.knowtomorrow.org to sign up. Lend your voice to the cause – and if you’re a student, sign up to attend an event!

(Photos courtesy of Know Tomorrow)

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