#ThreadTWD Round 6: What is Happening

Guys…what is happening.

First? We (MAYBE) lose Glenn. Then? We get our hope for answers ripped from our spirits two episodes in a row. And now? Daryl has had his bike and crossbow taken from him…which makes the Daryl as we knew him basically dead.

Never mind that it’s the zombpocalypse – is nothing sacred, AMC?

Our sanity is hanging on by a thread (pun 100% intended), but we’re still chugging through the season. And there’s still time to join our Walking Dead survival group every Sunday on Twitter using #ThreadTWD. Because the fans who mope together cope together.

As for this week’s episode? Congratulations on your faces, everyone, because y’all were so on your selfie game:

Breaaad!” by Phillip Tseng




We also had some pretty great puns and general sarcasm that provided much needed comic relief.



Zombie Donkey” by Alex May

And speaking of Glenn…yeah we’re still not sure…



Alive or Die” by Katie Campbell

And there was some non-Glenn related tragedy this week as well. 

stare-at-my-deskBut office zombie pretty much stole the show. 


Zombies” by John Warren MacDougall

And as always, we have our glorious winners!


  Featured image is “Early Morning Breakout” by Budi Satria Kwan

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