What 3 Songs Have You Been Obsessed With Lately?

We all have music that gets us in the creative zone, in the dancin’ zone, the danger zone a la Kenny Loggins, or just in the chill zone. And every once in awhile, we all need a few new tunes. So to refresh our playlist palette, we asked our artists this week, what three songs they’ve been obsessed with lately.

Check out their answers below! And if you have music recommendations of your own, leave ’em in the comments!

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“Not Today” by Fox Shiver

Songs with lyrics distract me. So when I do sketches or paint, I prefer game music. Ever since I played Shadow of Colossus, its soundtrack is for me one of the most inspiring I’ve ever heard. Lately I also like to listen to music from Heavy Rain and Bioshock.


Fox Shiver
“Magic Flowers” by Micaela Podrzaj

This are my 3 songs I’ve been obsessed with. They make me dance and relax.


– “Giant“: Django Django

– “Colombo“: Astro 

– “La Prima Estate“: Erlend Øye 


Micaela Podrzaj
“Wild” by Robson Borges

Lately I’m enjoying calm things like “Empire Ants” by Gorillaz, “Wait” by M83, and “Iron” by Woodkid.


Robson Borges | São Paulo, Brazil
“Let’s Go” by Rick Crane

Just got back from two weeks in the van driving across France. It was a bit of a rush so only had time to throw in a few random CDs, which included: The Lumineers “Stubborn Love”, REM “Daysleeper”, and Supertramp “Logical Song”.


Rick Crane | Frome, UK


Featured image is “Free Wifi” by Gulshan Kishor

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