Winner Interview: Get Glowin’!

You gotta wonder: when they’re not getting their kicks haunting the living, what do ghosts do? Thanks to Alwin “Flintskyy” Aves’ design “Hidden Party”, we now totally believe that they throw adorable graveyard parties. Alwin’s winning design for our “Glow in the Dark” challenge brings a whole new level of meaning to the game “ghost in the graveyard”.

We talked to Alwin about what ghosts talk about at this spooktacular rager, about the artist that inspires his surreal style, and about what advice he has for other artists. Check out the interview below!

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You’re a bit of a mystery! Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What do you do? What’s your favorite scary movie?

I’m Alwin Aves (flintskyy), I’m a full-time graphic artist in a creative design company based in Cebu City, Philippines. I also create personal artworks on the side. I actually like the Insidious movie – it goes beyond normal spirit events even a demon tries to take over.


This is the most adorable of parties. What would ghosts do at a ghost party?

We’ll never know, hehe. Maybe talk about how their day goes? :)

“Hidden Party”

You seem to use the contrast of darkness and light in a lot of your pieces – did “glow in the dark” seem like a natural challenge to submit to?

“Remona Spell”

It’s kind of my style (black and white ink), I just put a twist on the story. I think the challenge was putting together the cuteness side of it, as I am more into traditional. For this particular artwork, I didn’t want it to be very serious; I wanted to add a soft part of the imagery. I have to consider how it will look on print if ever it will be chosen. I had to make sure the effect will complement to the print style.

I love the surreal imagery you use in many of your designs! What inspires you? What themes do you like to explore?

Most of my personal artworks are based on conceptual surreal art. One of my favorite artists is Hieronymus Bosch, his works are very striking and mysterious! I’m also interested in exploring assemblage art.

You have an Artist Shop too! How did you choose which designs to put in it?


I don’t categorize my artworks – I just randomly place them on the Artist Shop.

What medium do you use to create your art?

80% illustration/sketch, 20% graphics.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m a big fan of those who create artworks based on their creative freedom with no boundaries – so maybe that’s something I wanna share to others; to just keep on doing what you love.


Get glowin’ and shop the winning design!

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