Cats and Keyboards

“Cats Are Nice” by Joel Robinson.

If a cluttered workspace means a cluttered mind, what does a workspace cluttered with cats mean?

I originally asked some of our artists to post pics of their rad workspaces in the forums, but what started as a simple show-us-your-workspace challenge was inevitably taken over (and made way more awesome) by the two rulers of the internet: cats and epic Photoshop battles! Because let’s be real, the original keyboard cat’s got nothin’ on the cats of today getting all up in our workspaces and walking all over our keybjwasktejla

So without further ado, check out some of our artist’s workspaces, the cats taking over those spaces, and some Photoshop gone weird! 

.     .     .

Michael Buxton (@DinoMike) working on a cat design while his cat watches #catception.

Sleepydolphin’s workspace (a.k.a their kitty’s place of sitting).

Amy (@superdesigner) and her many very real cats.

Even my workspace is not immune. BEHOLD:

And cats both real and plushie aside, we also got to see some pretty awesome workspaces where our artists make the magic happen! Check ’em out!

NDTank’s workspace (with a surprise appearance from his Artist Shop).

Lupi’s (@loops.o.fury) awesome workspace (spot the X-Ray from when their drawing hand was injured!)

Nate Christenson, who pretty much wins for “workspace we’re all jealous of.”

Cody Weiler’s (@csweiler’s) rad workspace!

Our very own Luis’ desk space (Photoshop bonus: there are three Jeffs in this picture…can you find them?)

And Perry Beane’s (@BeanePod’s) workspace full of pictures of the previously mentioned Luis. Naturally.


Wanna show off your workspace? Wanna show off your cat? Wanna show off your cat in your workspace? Post a pic in the comments!

Click here for cats…

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