“Oh coffee. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Alas, not yet…for I have not had my morning cup – try again later, bruh.” 

– Totally William Shakespeare

It’s only natural that the most inspiration-provoking magic of all time, coffee, shows up in a lot of art. So what better way to celebrate coffee itself and our coffee challenge winner than with haikus about the caffeinated energy nectar itself?

After you read the ones we have below, go look at our caffeine-fueled designs (or all of our designs if you can relate them to coffee!) and share your own haiku in the comments below by Monday, May 2nd. (Don’t forget to put the image in there too!)

The winning haiku-ist will win a gift code that will hopefully get you as jittery with excitement as coffee does!

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“Eugh…Mondays” by Aaron Jay

A lack of coffee
Has me feeling quite slothy…
And full of bad puns.

“Full Power” by gambil

My superpower
Isn’t strength or laser sight…
It’s found in a cup.

“Coffee Talk” by David Olenick

Do not bother me
Until I’ve had my coffee
Shh Shhshh Shh SHHHH.


“Litter” by Mike Mitchell

I’ve dropped my coffee…
It was more than a coffee
It was my hero…

“Catffeinated” by Casandra Ng

One cup, two cup, three
Cup four and five cup sixcup

“Chat Over Coffee” by Mary Kat McDevitt

Just a single cup
Turns morning conversation
Into adventure.

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