Summertiiime, and the livin’ is oh-so-easy! If there’s one thing we embrace more than anything here in Chicago – yes, even more than deep dish pizza – it’s summer. After our long harsh winters, we crave, nay, we need the goodness of summer in our city. And while we’re losing the sleeves, whipping out the beach towels, and feelin’ those good summer vibes, we were curious about what our artists do in the toasty months! We asked a few artists with warm weather worthy summer designs about how they spend summer in their city,  town, neighborhood, vacation spot, and neck of the woods.

Scroll for some super summer vibes. And tell us what #SummerInYourCity looks like in the comments!

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Beach Lover

Where I live, we have summer weather most of the year and it’s super hot; it’s like a never-ending summer, which is awesome! In my free time, I like to go to the pool with friends and have some beers.




Santiago Sarquis
Let’s Go Surfing

Summer here in the Philippines was fun and memorable. When I was a child, I remember we were playing basketball under the heat of the sun on the streets of Manila. There are so many beautiful beaches here in our country too, like Palawan, Boracay, and many more. The summer capital here is Baguio city where you can enjoy the cold weather and the beautiful Rice Terraces.



Surf Dracula” (Jillian Fisher & Jen Lemasters)

As soon as I realize summer is coming, I cut the legs off all of my pants and make hats from the remaining fabric.



Jillian Fisher

Hey! Sure I guess Summer for me is biking at night, eating ice cream whenever and wherever I can and hopefully getting to the drive-in movie theater a couple times!


Jen Lemasters
Flamingo Flauntoter

Find me with a drink in hand, rooftop vibin’ with good company & chill tunes. Getting out and getting lost, constantly searching for that endless summer stoke.


Eric Heinz
Melted Landscape

Going to the beach, the sound of crashing waves, and the warmth of the sun. It doesn’t get much better than that!



Coffee Man
Banana Jungle

What I love the most about summer is the brightness of day, eating ice cream, swimming, drinking iced tea, playing at the beach, seeing the sunrise and sunset, and most of all wearing my sunglasses.




Summer Chart” (Nestor Gomez and Madkobra)

I love going to the lake and seeing all kinds of people from all over the world enjoying the weather, especially after one of those terrible Chicago winters. My favorite ice cream comes from the ice cream trucks that service the Chicago area. Favorite memory: playing soccer with my kids as they were growing up and enjoying ice cream from an ice cream truck after the game.




Nestor Gomez
Freaky Tiki

Each season really has its own unique feel, especially living in Buffalo, New York. There is a kind of infectious energy as everyone tries to cram as much life as possible into the warmer months. In the summer, you can usually find me at a brewery, wandering in the woods, or out on the frisbee golf course.


Cody Weiler
Summer Popsicles!

I love summer time; the warm weather always makes me and my family want to be outside and enjoy the sunshine. My favorite time was going to the local pool and swimming with all my friends. After the pool, my mom would always take us to get rocketpops.





Riding a crappy motorcycle, or hitching a ride with my friends to the nearest beach to drink, eat, have a good time, and camp for the night.


Mellin Paulo Bernardo
Sur La Plage

What I love about summer is that it is the furthest time from winter!



Florent Bodart

My favourite thing about summer is warm nights outside. I like the sunsets too, they go forever and radiate a beautiful light. My best memories are always alfresco. Either at the beach or in the wild.



Ego Rodriguez

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word summer is sea. Summer motivates us and connects nature, nothing like a sea bath, a trail through the trees and especially the heat of the sun, which rejoices and recharges our energies.


Mateus Quandt
Waves of Sharks

For me, summer is the best season of all. Chillin’ at the beach with family and friends, enjoying the calm sounds of the waves in the shore that put me on my relaxing mode, doing a campfire in the night with marshmallows and hotdogs on a stick with hot chocolate or coffee.

It will complete my summer to remember experience.



Whale of a Time

A time to roll the windows down in my car, and just cruising down the highway with the music blasting and the cool air blowing in my face and just relaxing.




Chris Phillips


I like to travel the world to experience new and wonderful places.





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Featured image is “Camp of Lost Souls” by Steven Rhodes.

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