#ThreadTWD Round Three…Oh the feels…

Oh man…if The Walking Dead wasn’t already the Game of Thrones of AMC, it sure as hell is now.

This week, TWD stood for “Tears Went Down”, because without giving any spoilers away…somethin’ happened, y’all. Somethin’ big happened.

But, we suffered together. And that’s what’s truly important. Live-tweet with us using #ThreadTWD and never face the zompocalypse alone again.

Here we go…between zombie necking and pet stores, this episode didn’t exactly start out normal…

Z-Day” by Ronan Lynam and “Zombie Romance” by Yannick Bouchard

Probably the only kinda pet you’re gonna get during the zombie apocalypse, amiright? (courtesy of pyropets)

This guy…

The Horde” by Alex Lewis and “The Undead at my Doorstep” by Leo Canham

Then the worlds WEIRDEST hoard moment that EVERYONE was on the same page about…  

The clear answer to getting out of a zombie hoard (“Zombie Donkey” by Alex May)

And then? Without giving away what “it” is…it happened…  

The show ripped our hearts out like a zombie rips into some of the people we love. But winners rejoice, and bury the PTSD sorrow from this episode buy using your gift code to get some new schwag, on us…  

Featured photo courtesy of AMC  

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