Some people plan their entire lives to become an artist, others discover their talent years down the road. Regardless of how an artist comes to be, there’s often one universal truth that applies to all: the act of expressing oneself through your art is extremely satisfying. Today, we asked the artists behind this week’s new tees to name the most rewarding thing they find about being an artist. Read on to find their answers, and tell us your reason in the comments!

“Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords” by Tania Falcao & Avelar Lucas

The freedom to create whatever we want. – Tania Falcao and Avelar Lucas, Lisbon Portugal

“Dreamers” by SPYKEEE

Seeing the fruit of your labor, and gaining respect and love from the people who believe in you. That’s the most rewarding part as an artist. – SPYKEEE, Cebu City, Philippines

“The Grail is in Another Castle” by Anna-Maria Jung & Drew Wise

One of my favourite aspects of being an artist is telling the stories I want to tell. As a more narrative, sequential illustrator, I can tell the stories I’d like to read/see myself. This is an amazing feeling, and even though it is a lot of work (especially creating a comic), it satisfies me deeply. It took me a while to get there; turning the frustration about recurring clichés and bad character development in movies, books, comics, or whatever into creativity towards my own narratives is an amazing power. Other great aspects are receiving good reactions and inspiring other people, making them ponder about your picture. – Anna-Maria Jung, Graz, Austria


Doing what I love, and being able to support my family in doing so! :) – Drew Wise, Noblesville, IN

“Pi-sloth-tes” by agrimony

To me the very act of creating something is the most rewarding. Not just as artists, but as humans, the very act of creation is sacrosanct. Everybody should create! – Aaron Thong, Singapore

“Rooster Pride” by Chris Cerrato

The most rewarding part of being an artist is sharing my humor and joy of life through a language that’s universal for all. – Chris Cerrato, San Francisco, CA

“Zero Fox Given” by Erin Reeder

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