We know, we know. We go on and on about winter over here. But the struggle’s real, folks. And just when you think it’s getting warmer, it actually gets colder. Try that one on for size! However, we suppose there are SOME good things about winter… when the sun actually shines, the snow is kinda pretty. And it’s pretty cozy hanging inside by a fire. In an effort to see both the good and bad of the season, we asked the artists behind next week’s new tees to name their most and least favorite things about winter. Read on to find out what they said, and snag their awesome new tees here!

“Dunk Gizmo”

My favorite thing about the winter is watching my dog as he tries to eat every single ounce of snow on the ground. My least favorite thing about winter is -40˚.Phil Jones, Minneapolis, MN, USA

“Ride With Me”

I hate that coffee gets cold in the time it takes you to pour a cup and lift it to your lips. I like that when it’s really cold, my cat lets me wear her as a hat.Monitos Bonitos, Mexico City, Alvaro Obregon, Mexico

“Perfect Gift”

My favorite thing about winter is snow, but also the fact that all things gather their energy and prepare to revive. The thing I don’t like is that winter happens only once a year! :)Gebe, Arluno, Italy

“It’s Not A Phase”

My favorite thing about winter is that the blood of my slain enemies paints wonderful bloody murals across the freshly fallen snow. My least favorite thing about winter is that I am often led to believe that yellow snow is lemon-flavored when in reality I am usually eating human urine.Randyotter, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom


My most favorite thing about winter: walking on lakes. My least favorite thing about winter: my freezing beard.Florent Bodart, Casson, France

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