You Know Nothing…About Our ‘Portraits’ Winner!

Let’s face it; portraits were the original selfie. Way back in the days of knights and sword fights and dragons and giant ice walls (those were real, right?), how else were people supposed to show off their dapper new #look? And the winner of our ‘Portraits’ challenge – Mickaël Rabin (aka @Mr-Wayne) – created a pop art-esque portrait that we’re totally geeking out about!

We talked to totally-not-secretly-Batman Mr. Wayne about how this design came together, his Artist Shop designs, and his favorite show (his answer may surprise you). Read all about it out below!

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“Poor Jon” lineart.

Master Wayne, I presume! You’ve said that you’re a big fan of Bruce Wayne – why Bruce and not the Batman himself for your nickname!

In fact, it’s more Mister Wayne than Master Wayne, but you can name me Master Wayne if you want! Why Bruce? Because this guy is so fantastic, mysterious, rich, smart! It’s like me…I joke; I’m not rich, ha ha ha!

Do you do art for a living?

No, art is a passion. Even if I studied to be a graphic designer and to do my job, my life has followed another way! But I don’t despair; Maybe one day!

Tell me a little bit about this design! Where did you look for inspiration?

All inked up!

This is an old idea, and when Threadless had proposed a contest on the theme “portrait”, I thought it would be great to submit this portrait of Jon!

As for the graphic style, I thought that the comic pop art style would be great; it was the spirit of the moment! The inspiration is in my mind, my dreams, and google…

What was your process for this design? Did you have any others in mind?

My process for this design and for the others is simple: a lot of sketches with image searches, until I get something I like, then work colors and set up on photoshop. Simple.

The final product of “Poor Jon” on a few products! Top row: sweatshirt, travel mug, and men’s tank | Bottom row: heavy duty phone case, women’s dolman, and drawstring bag (new!).

Is it safe to say you’re a fan of the show?

Ohhhhhhhh yeah! It’s just one of the best shows (but the best for me is Vikings!)

“Poor Jon” in action. Warning: may cause you to know nothing…

Which house from the world of Westeros would you most want to be from?

Stark House. Like Bruce Wayne, the Starks are mysterious and so smart…for those who are still alive of course, ha ha ha!

“Switch on the Lights” from Mr. Wayne;’s Artist Shop.

You have an Artist Shop with us too! How did you choose which designs to put in there?

I don’t really choose. I put what I’ve done, even if I haven’t put everything on there!

“If I Had a Boat” from Mr. Wayne’s Artist Shop.
“Be Stronger Than You Seem” from Mr. Wayne’s Artist Shop.

Your designs have a very fairytale and fantasy element to them – what most inspires you?

My children, my dreams, the supernatural, the fantasy inspires me extremely, in fact!

If you could have a crime-fighting alter ego (like Batman to Bruce Wayne), what would yours be?

No one! Because I’m Mister Bruce Wayne, so…

Good point! Anything else you’d like to share?

Just five letters: PEACE!

Shop the winning design here!

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