Back To School, Back To School…


You know that song “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper? It’s a good one, right? Well, we’ve just entered the polar opposite of that song’s anthemic proclamation, as backpack-draped academics all over are shuffling into schools and universities to take on another year of homework, studying, and expanding personal horizons. What. A. Thrill.

When your alarm clock razzled you from a peaceful slumber on the first day of this school year, what was your first thought? Okay, we know it was probably “ugh, I guess it’s finally here”, but what was your second thought? It was “what am I going to wear today”, wasn’t it? Making a good impression on the first day is on everyone’s mind (don’t lie), and we hope you found that perfect look via the help of a Threadless tee!

If you found yourself wearing a Threadless tee on the first day (Okay, first week) of school, share a photo with us on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Tumblr with the hashtag #ThreadToSchool for a chance at a $25 Threadless gift code!

At 5PM on Friday, September 18th, we’ll randomly choose three lucky winners and help them stay fly this school year!

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Craig Shimala

Creative Director for Threadless! My life revolves around community based design, documenting and James Bond kinda stuff!